Helping 3M+ children receive diapers with Ruby - Open Source Friday

Helping 3M+ children receive diapers with Ruby - Open Source Friday

Ruby for Good

  • Ruby for Good is a non-profit organization that uses technology to help nonprofits deliver public goods to people in the community.
  • Their current projects include Human Essentials and Casa, both open-source projects that use Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript.
  • Ruby for Good is looking for contributors to help with development, documentation, and other tasks.
  • Anyone can submit a project to Ruby for Good, and the organization will consider taking on projects that meet certain criteria.

Human Essentials

  • Human Essentials is a software project by Ruby for Good that helps diaper banks manage their inventory, partners, and distribution of diapers and period supplies to other non-profits.
  • The software manages the entire lifecycle of a diaper bank or period supply bank, including partner management, inventory tracking, automated emails, scheduling pickups, and forecasting.
  • Human Essentials is built primarily using Ruby on Rails, with some JavaScript for web functionality.
  • The project is maintained by a team of volunteers who meet regularly for office hours and collaborate on GitHub.
  • Human Essentials is free for non-profits to use and has helped over 200 diaper banks and 5,000 non-profits across the country.
  • Human Essentials has been recognized as a Digital Public Good by the United Nations for its work in addressing several of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Contributing to Ruby for Good

  • To contribute to Ruby for Good projects, individuals can join the Ruby for Good Slack workspace or visit the GitHub organization page, select a project, and submit a pull request.
  • Ruby for Good is not currently funded, but they do receive some sponsorship and hold events to raise money.

Contact Information

  • Sean can be contacted through LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack, or email at

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