Open Source Friday: Chocolatey Unwrapped with Gary Ewan Park

Open Source Friday: Chocolatey Unwrapped with Gary Ewan Park

In this YouTube video, the host introduces GitHub's beginner-friendly issues and the concept of contributing to open source. They discuss how to find these issues on GitHub and how to get started on contributing to a specific project.

The host then introduces their special guest, Gary Ewan Park, who is a maintainer of various open source projects and a Microsoft MVP. They discuss his background and his involvement with Chocolatey, a package manager for Windows.

Gary explains how Chocolatey works, its benefits, and its differences from other package managers like npm. He mentions that Chocolatey has over 10,000 community-maintained packages and follows a rigorous moderation process to ensure package quality and security.

The video also covers the process of contributing to Chocolatey, both to the Chocolatey product itself and to the community repository. The host encourages viewers to have a conversation with the project maintainers before working on contributions to ensure alignment with their needs and goals.

They briefly touch on the Cake build orchestration tool and its role in the Chocolatey ecosystem. They also mention upcoming events, such as community days and the need for contributors to help with ongoing projects.

Overall, the video provides an overview of GitHub's beginner-friendly issues, introduces Chocolatey as a package manager, discusses the contribution process, and highlights upcoming events and tools in the Chocolatey ecosystem.

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