Open Source Friday with ClassroomIO

Open Source Friday with ClassroomIO Features

  • is an open-source learning management system that offers various features to enhance the learning experience.
  • It includes customizable branding, progress tracking, communication tools, AI integration, and personalized dashboards.
  • Users can create organizations and multiple courses within those organizations.
  • The course creation process involves adding lessons, creating lesson notes, and uploading or embedding videos.
  • AI integration helps users generate lesson notes and course descriptions.
  • The platform supports polls and quizzes, allowing teachers to gauge student understanding during lessons.
  • The grading UI allows teachers to view student submissions and provide feedback and grades.
  • Analytics and visualizations are available to help teachers and students track progress and identify areas for improvement. Development

  • Rotimi, a software engineer from Nigeria, created during his free time.
  • He used SvelteKit and Superbase to build the MVP of the application in 2-3 months.
  • The initial version of the app allowed users to post lesson notes, give assignments, and grade assignments.
  • The creator open-sourced the project after being accepted into a program called Codes Pioneers, which provides mentorship and training for open-source projects.
  • The tech stack includes SvelteKit, Tailwind CSS, and Superbase for the backend API layer, authentication, storage, and real-time features.
  • Spelt is a library that allows for easy integration of AI into React applications.
  • The project is currently hosted on Vercel and uses DNS to route subdomains to the application.
  • The project is set up for easy local development using Docker and Gitpod.

Contributing to

  • To contribute to the project, users can join the GitHub or Discord community.
  • The creator of the project encourages contributions to the documentation.

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