Open Source Friday with Fastify: Maximizing Efficiency, Minimizing Cost

Open Source Friday with Fastify: Maximizing Efficiency, Minimizing Cost


  • Andrea, a senior project manager at GitHub, discusses the importance of recognizing and valuing contributors' efforts in the open source community.
  • GitHub has developed the Contributor's Action, a tool to empower project maintainers and open source managers to gain valuable engagement metrics, thank contributors, monitor trends, and identify emerging leaders within their communities.

Using the Contributor's Action

  • Integrating the Contributor's Action into a project is straightforward by starting with a new or existing repository.
  • Choose a workflow and customize it based on the project's needs, as guided by the README.
  • Set up the GitHub token and start using the Contributor's Action to view contribution metrics, track new and returning contributors, and more.

Open Source Friday with Mato Keino

  • Andrea introduces Mato Keino, the co-founder and CTO of Platform Matic, a platform for simplifying backend development.
  • Mato Keino is also a vital member of the Node.js technical steering committee and has made significant contributions to the open source community, including the creation of Fastify and Pinol Logger.
  • Mato Keino discusses his experience building Fastify, an open source web framework, and its impact on the community.
  • He also highlights the importance of validating data and the benefits of using Fastify for building APIs in Node.js.

Fastify Features and Plugin Ecosystem

  • Mato Keino demonstrates how to create a basic Fastify server and enable logging for better developer experience.
  • He showcases the power of Fastify's plugin system by adding the Fastify Static plugin, which allows serving static files.
  • Mato Keino emphasizes the importance of data validation and showcases Fastify's built-in validation capabilities.
  • He also briefly introduces Fastify's integration with OpenAPI documentation and demonstrates using the Fastify Swagger plugin to test the API.

Fastify Roadmap and Community Engagement

  • Mato Keino discusses the upcoming Fastify v5 release and invites TypeScript experts to contribute to its improvement.
  • He encourages new contributors to join the Fastify community on Discord and participate in discussions and issue resolutions.
  • Mato Keino also promotes the Platform Matic webinar where participants can learn more about Fastify and its development journey.

Platform Matic: Building a Developer Platform

  • Mato Keino briefly introduces Platform Matic, a developer platform built on top of Fastify with additional features and an enhanced developer experience.
  • Platform Matic aims to simplify backend development and offers tools for integrating TypeScript, testing, database connections, and composing multiple APIs.
  • Mato Keino invites developers to check out Platform Matic and consider using it to streamline their API development process.


  • Andrea concludes the session, urging viewers to contribute to the Fastify GitHub repository and leave a star to support the project.
  • She thanks Mato Keino for his insights and highlights the upcoming Fastify master class.

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