Open Source Friday with Mathesar - UI for managing your data

Open Source Friday with Mathesar - UI for managing your data


  • Mealie is an open-source web application that provides a spreadsheet-like interface to a PostgreSQL database.
  • It ensures privacy, data ownership, control, and interoperability.
  • Mealie connects to various databases, allowing collaboration among multiple users on the same data.
  • It simplifies working with foreign key columns by turning them into easy-to-use links that reference related records.
  • Mealie provides a user-friendly way to customize and preview data, making it accessible to non-technical users.


  • Mathesar is a relational spreadsheet application that aims to mirror the functionality of PostgreSQL while being easy to use for non-technical users.
  • It achieves this by adding a thin layer of metadata to PostgreSQL to handle things like record summary templates.
  • Mathesar has a built-in visual query builder called the Data Explorer, which allows users to easily create queries without needing to know SQL.
  • Each record in Mathesar has its own page, which displays all the data related to that record.
  • Mathesar makes it easy to create and edit records, including associating records with each other.
  • Mathesar can be integrated with a PostgreSQL database by connecting to a running PostgreSQL server.
  • The backend of the application is written in Python and Django, and uses PostgreSQL as the database.
  • The frontend of the application is built using Svelte and TypeScript.
  • The team is working on building their own component library for Svelte to address the lack of a mature ecosystem compared to React.
  • Currently, the application only supports PostgreSQL, but there are plans to use PostgreSQL foreign data wrappers to connect to other databases like MySQL in the future.
  • The application's current permission system is based on Django permissions, but the team is working on transitioning to the PostgreSQL roles and permissions system for improved security.
  • MathAR allows users to map MathAR users to PostgreSQL roles for access control and security.
  • Contributors are welcome to contribute code, provide feedback, or help steer the project's direction by providing input on the public roadmap.

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