Open Source Friday with Monica Powell and The Coding Train

Open Source Friday with Monica Powell and The Coding Train

The Coding Train

  • The Coding Train is an educational resource and community for creative coding, focusing on teaching concepts with Processing and p5.js.
  • The Coding Train's YouTube channel offers a wealth of tutorials covering different creative coding concepts.
  • The Coding Train website is open-source and built with Gatsby, providing opportunities for contributors to share their projects and contribute to the community.
  • The Coding Train can be supported through YouTube memberships, Patreon, or GitHub sponsorships.

Creative Coding

  • Creative coding involves creating art with code, and it can take various forms, from abstract graphics to animations.
  • Creative coding is accessible to individuals from various backgrounds, including software developers, artists, educators, and others interested in using code to create.
  • Some popular creative coding tools include Processing, p5.js, and Drawbot.
  • Creative coding can be used to generate beautiful visuals using mathematical formulas.

Contributing to The Coding Train

  • Contributions to the Coding Train are welcome and encouraged, and there are many ways to contribute, including fixing bugs, adding new features, and improving documentation.
  • The Coding Train has a Discord channel where contributors can get help and support from the community.
  • Contributors can add new content, migrate content from YouTube, and contribute to open issues.
  • Detailed instructions are provided on the website for contributing via GitHub or the command line.

Open Source Friday

  • Monica Powell, a GitHub star and software engineer, shared her experience with The Coding Train and how it helped her learn creative coding.
  • Monica demonstrated her creative coding projects on CodePen, showcasing different art styles and techniques.
  • The winner of the giveaway is Gabrielle Moo.
  • Monica will be contacted via email or GitHub username to claim the prize.
  • Viewers are encouraged to follow Monica on Twitter and use the hashtag #OpenSourceFriday.
  • The next Open Source Friday will feature another maintainer and contributor, hosted by Kadesha.

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