Open Source Friday with Swastik Baranwal and Box CLI Maker

Open Source Friday with Swastik Baranwal and Box CLI Maker

GitHub Features for Efficient Development

  • GitHub offers various features to streamline the development lifecycle, including project management, customizable views, and on-demand development environments.
  • Mona, a developer, uses GitHub Projects to manage tasks and track iterations of work.
  • GitHub's customizable views, filters, and layouts facilitate efficient teamwork.
  • Mona sets up an on-demand development environment using GitHub Codespaces, eliminating dependency issues.
  • GitHub Copilot assists Mona in writing more readable and efficient code.
  • Automated testing is set up with GitHub Actions, ensuring code quality.
  • Repository rules enforce DevOps governance practices across the organization.
  • GitHub Advanced Security features prevent secret leakage and identify potential vulnerabilities.

Open Source Community and Events

  • The speaker highlights the importance of the open-source community and upcoming events like GitHub Constellation in India and GitHub Universe in San Francisco.
  • The guest, Soik, is introduced as the youngest guest on Open Source Friday and an active open-source developer, volunteer, and contributor.
  • Soik's project, Box CLI, is mentioned, and viewers are encouraged to contribute to its growth.

Swasti's Journey into Open Source

  • Swasti, a college student from Delhi, India, shares her journey into open-source contributions and her motivations for getting involved.
  • She initially stumbled upon the concept of open-source through Hacktoberfest in 2019 and was intrigued by the idea of contributing to projects for free.
  • Despite facing initial rejections, Swasti persevered and eventually became a core maintainer for the V programming language.
  • She emphasizes the importance of staying motivated and seeking help from the community when facing challenges.
  • Swasti organizes meetups in her local city through FOSS United, an organization dedicated to promoting India's open-source ecosystem.

Box Maker: A Customizable CLI Tool

  • Swasti's project, Box Maker, is a Go program that allows users to create highly customized boxes for the command-line interface (CLI).
  • Box Maker supports various features such as styling, color customization, title personalization, custom styles, Unicode emojis, and text alignment.
  • Swasti explains the benefits of using CLIs over websites, highlighting their accessibility and ease of configuration.

Ghosty: A Highly Accurate Terminal Emulator

  • Ghosty is a highly accurate terminal emulator with extensive customization options.
  • It supports various box types, including single, double, bold, hidden, and classic.
  • Custom ASCII art can be displayed using the boxes library.
  • Lolcat support allows for custom ASCII coloring of the title and content.
  • Text alignment options include left, center, and right.
  • Emojis can be displayed in the terminal.
  • Ghosty is used in several CI projects, including Kubernetes and MiniKube.
  • It has over 120 public repositories and receives around 4,000 downloads per day.

Box CLI Maker: A Tool for Creating CLI Applications

  • Swasti created Box CLI Maker to learn Go and contribute to the V4F project.
  • Box CLI Maker is a tool that helps users easily create CLI applications in Go.
  • Swasti has received sponsorships through GitHub Sponsors, which allows them to dedicate more time to maintaining and enhancing the project.
  • Swasti suggests that aspiring developers start by building side projects, even if they are ports or clones of existing projects, to gain experience and popularity.

Open Source Friday Community Challenge

  • The Open Source Friday community is challenged to help the Box CLI Maker project reach 500 stars on GitHub, and a giveaway of swag from the GitHub Shop will be held if the goal is met.
  • Swasti recommends attending local meetups to connect with the community and potentially receive stickers for the project.

Charm Community and Upcoming Meetup

  • Swasti expresses gratitude to the Open Source Friday community and announces the creation of a new community backed by the Cham Cham Dosh.
  • The speaker encourages the audience to join the Charm Community to get involved in Charm projects and find like-minded individuals.
  • The speaker mentions an upcoming meetup where stickers will be available.

Appreciation and Call to Action

  • The speaker expresses gratitude to the guest, Swastic, for bringing the Charm project to Source Friday and thanks everyone for attending.
  • The speaker highlights the importance of contributing to open-source projects, helping others, growing the community, and spreading knowledge.
  • The speaker reveals that it's Swastic's birthday and acknowledges the coincidence of the podcast being hosted in India on the same day.
  • The speaker encourages the audience to support the Charm project by sponsoring it and giving it stars on GitHub.
  • The speaker announces that the next episode of Open Source Friday will feature the folks from Hugh redo and Rafael Pulit, the tech lead for the project.

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