Open Source Friday with Upptime!

Open Source Friday with Upptime!

GitHub Accelerator Program

  • GitHub Accelerator is a program that provides financial support and mentorship to open-source maintainers for 10 weeks.
  • The application deadline is next Tuesday.


  • Uptime is an open-source uptime monitor and status page built using GitHub Actions, GitHub Pages, and GitHub Issues.
  • It was created by Anand to monitor his company's back-end API infrastructure.
  • Uptime leverages GitHub Actions' free plan for open-source maintainers to run cron jobs and make network requests to check website availability.
  • When a website goes down, Uptime automatically creates an issue in the GitHub repo and uses the data to generate a status page.
  • To implement Uptime, users can create a new repository from the Uptime template, add a required secret (personal access token) to allow Uptime to make requests on their behalf using the GitHub API, and follow the documentation to set up monitoring.

Features and Implementation

  • Uptime tracks the uptime and response time of websites and services.
  • It can be easily set up on GitHub by creating a repository and adding an environment secret with a GitHub personal access token.
  • Uptime uses a YAML file to configure the websites and services to be tracked.
  • GitHub Actions is used to automatically update the uptime status and generate reports.
  • The uptime status is displayed on the repository's README and a dedicated website.
  • Uptime can be customized and extended with various features and integrations.
  • Notifications can be set up to alert users when a website or service goes down.

Support and Contributions

  • Uptime is supported by the creator's full-time job and does not currently have any GitHub sponsors.
  • The creator encourages users to support open-source projects and mentions Curl as an example of a widely used and important open-source project.
  • Detailed documentation is available on the Uptime website and users are encouraged to contribute to the project by creating issues or pull requests.

Technology Stack and Development

  • Uptime is an open-source project that helps users monitor the status of their websites and applications.
  • It is built using TypeScript, JavaScript, Markdown, and Swell.
  • Uptime is a full-stack TypeScript application.
  • The project is hosted on GitHub and uses GitHub Actions, Issues, and Pages.
  • Anand built Uptime to meet his own needs and later expanded its features based on community input.
  • Uptime has a contributing guide and welcomes contributions from the community.

Time Management and Funding

  • Anand manages his time by time blocking and using various tools such as Notion, Calendar, and Linear.
  • Uptime is self-funded, and Anand does not accept sponsorships to ensure that he can prioritize the needs of the community.

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