Previously recorded: Open Source Viernes con Grafana

Previously recorded: Open Source Viernes con Grafana

Mercado Libre

  • Mercado Libre is the largest online commerce and payments ecosystem in Latin America, operating in 18 countries with hundreds of millions of users.
  • Mercado Libre is exploring how to scale up the use of GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered code completion tool, to the entire team.
  • One developer at Mercado Libre has seen a 50% improvement in productivity using GitHub Copilot on personal projects.

Señor Perform

  • Señor Perform is a podcast host, international speaker, and advocate for open-source projects.
  • He has a background as a software development consultant, project manager, and performance testing expert.
  • Señor Perform uses analogies and humor to explain complex technical concepts, which has made his content popular and led to opportunities in blogging, podcasting, and video creation.
  • He is involved with k6, an open-source load testing tool, and is an advocate for Grafana, an open-source data visualization and monitoring platform.


  • Observability involves gaining insights into the state or metrics of a system without directly examining it.
  • It is achieved through instrumentation and telemetry, where sensors or instruments generate data about a system's state and send it to a central location for monitoring and analysis.
  • Observability involves collecting and storing data over time, allowing for predictions and analysis.
  • Grafana is a popular open-source tool used for visualizing and analyzing metrics, logs, and traces.
  • Telemetry data can be stored and accessed from anywhere, enabling remote monitoring and analysis.
  • Grafana supports various data sources and plugins, extending its capabilities for different use cases.


  • Grafana is a powerful open-source platform for data visualization and monitoring.
  • It can be installed on various platforms, including Docker, Linux, Windows, Mac, and Raspberry Pi.
  • Grafana has over 20,000 plugins, making it highly customizable.
  • It supports a wide range of data sources, including relational databases, time-series databases, and cloud services.
  • Grafana allows users to create custom visualizations and dashboards to monitor and analyze their data.
  • It provides various visualization options, such as time series, bar charts, pie charts, gauges, and heatmaps.
  • Grafana also supports text-based visualizations like HTML and Markdown.
  • Grafana offers features such as visualizations, dashboards, metrics exploration, logs, and alerts for proactive monitoring.
  • Grafana integrates with various other open-source tools, such as Loki for logs, Mimir for metrics, and Tempo for traces.
  • Grafana can be used for a wide range of applications, including performance monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, and personal use cases.
  • Grafana is used by many large organizations, including NASA, for mission-critical monitoring.
  • Grafana is easy to use and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

Upcoming Events

  • Testing Uruguay, Star East, Testing United, and Automation Star are upcoming conferences and events where the speaker will be presenting.
  • Future videos on the Señor Perf YouTube channel will cover popular load testing techniques and the evolution of agile, waterfall, and DevOps methodologies in testing.

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