Streamlining Cloud Development with Deno

Streamlining Cloud Development with Deno

Dino Features

  • Dino is a secure, next-generation JavaScript runtime that aims to improve upon Node.js.
  • It has built-in tooling for testing, linting, and formatting, reducing the need for external tools and configurations.
  • Dino supports running programs and URLs directly from the command line with secure permissions prompts.
  • It provides deep coverage of streaming APIs and web servers, allowing developers to easily stream responses and pipe them through other operations using standard APIs.
  • Dino allows developers to import modules directly without the need for a package.json file, simplifying the development process.

Dino Compatibility

  • Dino is backward compatible with Node.js and npm, allowing developers to use existing modules and code.
  • It has compatibility with Node.js, enabling developers to import and use Node.js modules and APIs within Dino projects.
  • Dino aims to support web standard APIs, allowing developers to use the same code in both browser and Deno environments.

Dino Deploy

  • Dino Deploy is a serverless platform that supports npm packages and Dino software.
  • It has built-in storage and compute with serverless aspects, focused on JavaScript and delivering fast cold start times.
  • Dino Deploy provides a simple serverless database called Dino KV for application state management.
  • Dino KV operates on JavaScript objects, where keys are arrays and values can be any JavaScript object.
  • Dino also offers KB Q's, a simple way of doing at least once delivery, which is particularly useful for web hooks.

Dino and the JavaScript Ecosystem

  • The presenter believes that JavaScript is super important and sees the Bun project as positive competition, pushing Dino to be more receptive to the needs of npm users.
  • The goal is not to write TypeScript that runs in the web browser, but to have as much overlap as possible between server-side JavaScript and browser-side JavaScript.

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