Israel’s Divide and Conquer Strategy, Explained

Israel’s Divide and Conquer Strategy, Explained


  • The video discusses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the strategy employed by right-wing factions in Israel.
  • It starts by mentioning a leaked cable that reveals Israel's positive reaction to Hamas taking over Gaza.

Jewish State and Jewish Immigration

  • The video explains the historical context of Jewish persecution and the movement for a Jewish homeland.
  • It mentions that Palestine was chosen as the location for the Jewish state.

Creation of Israel and Arab-Israeli Conflict

  • The creation of Israel led to the displacement of Palestinian Arabs.
  • The video briefly mentions the conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors and the Oslo Accords.

Netanyahu's Strategy

  • Benjamin Netanyahu becomes the Prime Minister of Israel and opposes peace talks and Palestinian statehood.
  • He believes that the occupation of Palestinian territories is necessary for the security of Jewish people.
  • Netanyahu's strategy involves sabotaging peace accords and promoting the expansion of Israeli settlements.

Divide and Conquer

  • The video highlights how Netanyahu's strategy has divided the Palestinian government and weakened their negotiating power.
  • It mentions the split between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.
  • Netanyahu supports Hamas indirectly by maintaining the Gaza blockade and negotiating with them.

Impact and Failures

  • The video argues that Netanyahu's strategy has backfired and led to more violence and insecurity.
  • It describes the Intifada and the escalation of violence between Israelis and Palestinians.
  • The video concludes that the strategy of divide and conquer has not provided security for the Jewish people.

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