An Alternative Walk of Fame | @TheCommentsSection | EP 448

An Alternative Walk of Fame | @TheCommentsSection  | EP 448

Coming up (00:00:00)

  • Brett Cooper was brought into a meeting with Jeremy and Caleb to pitch the Comment Section show.
  • The pilot episode was not well-received, but Jeremy green-lit the show anyway.

Intro (00:00:37)

  • Brett Cooper is a successful YouTuber with over 4.5 million subscribers.
  • She started acting at a young age and had a decent acting CV by the time she was 10.
  • She worked with Dennis Prager and other conservative organizations before joining Daily Wire.
  • She was hesitant about taking on a longer-form show but eventually agreed.
  • Her YouTube channel has been a huge success and has led to acting opportunities.

Being a voice for young women (00:02:42)

  • Brett Cooper believes she is filling a niche for young women who share her traditional values.
  • She did not see many online influences who spoke to her as a young person.
  • Her audience is growing and becoming more female-oriented.
  • She is grateful for the platform she has been given and is touched by the positive feedback she receives from young women.

Becoming a child actor to escape trauma (00:04:55)

  • Brett moved from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Hollywood at the age of 10 to pursue acting, having discovered his passion for performing at the age of six.
  • Despite personal struggles, Brett found that performing provided an outlet for self-expression and escape.
  • The speaker had a structured upbringing, which provided a sense of order in a chaotic and emotionally challenging home environment.
  • The speaker's parents' strained relationship and the death of their brother led to a difficult family dynamic, causing the speaker to develop a pattern of self-suppression and a desire to minimize their impact on others.
  • Despite these challenges, the speaker found solace and adventure in traveling around the country doing theater.

Trying out for Broadway and moving to Hollywood (00:10:48)

  • Brett Cooper had a lot of performing experience by the age of 10.
  • She desperately wanted to play Jane Banks in Mary Poppins on Broadway.
  • She researched the role and wrote a letter to the manager of four actresses who had played Jane Banks.
  • She was brought to New York and auditioned for the role.
  • She continued to audition for Broadway shows and workshops.
  • She hit a growth spurt and became too tall for the role of Jane Banks.
  • She was heartbroken when her best friend got the role of Michael Banks.
  • Her management team suggested she move to Los Angeles to pursue film and TV roles.
  • Her mother was initially against the idea but eventually agreed to try it for three months.
  • Brett loved Los Angeles and things started taking off for her career.
  • She signed with an agent and would spend three months in LA and three months in Tennessee with her father.
  • They permanently moved to Los Angeles when Brett was 14.

What it means to be an actor: identity, mindset, training (00:15:01)

  • Acting requires extensive training, including acting classes, singing lessons, dancing, and skill-building.
  • To maintain a well-rounded identity, it's important to have interests and activities outside of acting.
  • The speaker had a diverse range of hobbies and academic pursuits, such as horseback riding, ballet, gymnastics, tennis, and online private school.

The rumors around child actors in Hollywood are true (00:16:07)

  • The speaker confirms that many of the rumors about child actors in Hollywood are true.
  • The speaker witnessed inappropriate relationships between adult writers and young female actors on a children's TV show.
  • These relationships, while not explicitly sexual, were inappropriate and blurred the lines between adults and children.
  • The speaker describes an incident where a writer invited her and a co-star to lunch and discussed inappropriate topics, including lesbian fantasies.
  • The writer's behavior was inappropriate, and the speaker felt uncomfortable.

Cluster-B type mothers: selling your child for narcissistic gains (00:18:10)

  • Cluster-B type mothers use their children for their own advantage.
  • They pimp out their children on social media and proclaim their moral virtue despite pushing their children in that direction.
  • An example of this is the book "I'm Glad My Mom Died" by Jennette McCurdy.

Brett on her mother: “She’s one of the most resilient women I’ve ever met” (00:19:54)

  • Brett's mother was wary about her being involved in the industry and set firm boundaries.
  • She ensured that Brett's identity was not wrapped up in the industry and that she never connected it to money.
  • Brett's mother always made sure that Brett loved acting and storytelling and would ask her if she wanted to continue every month.
  • Despite her traditional values, Brett's mother was willing to be unconventional in Hollywood to protect Brett.

The psychology of exploitation, submission, and saying NO (00:22:31)

  • People who are unable to obtain intimacy are more likely to seek inappropriate opportunities.
  • Some people are intentionally looking to subvert and destroy innocence, especially those with narcissistic and sadistic tendencies.
  • The victim's mother was protective and prevented her from being exploited.
  • The victim was physically mature for her age, which blurred the lines and made it more difficult to distinguish appropriate from inappropriate behavior.
  • Girls who are subject to exploitation often don't know how to say no or broadcast their discomfort.

Learning women’s self-defense (00:25:50)

  • The victim's mother enrolled her in women's self-defense classes against sexual assault when she was 10.
  • These classes taught her how to fight against a male opponent, situational awareness, and the importance of using her voice.
  • The classes were incredibly useful and prepared her for real-life situations.

Marilyn Monroe, the double-edged sword of capitalizing on your attractiveness (00:27:00)

  • Marilyn Monroe's iconic status was built on her ability to embody the role of a seductress.
  • Her attractiveness drew attention and made her magnetic, but it also led to her exploitation.
  • The line between exploiting oneself and being exploited is often unclear.

Drawing the Line (00:27:00)

  • The speaker's mother enrolled them in self-defense classes to address their doormat behavior and agreeableness.
  • The classes helped the speaker develop confidence and the ability to set boundaries.
  • The speaker's mother wanted them to be able to defend themselves and express themselves without being taken advantage of.

When not to be agreeable (00:30:35)

  • Agreeable people are more empathetic and compassionate than others, but they may struggle with setting boundaries and saying no, which can lead to exploitation.
  • Agreeableness can be a positive trait when used appropriately, such as in caring for infants, where empathy and responsiveness are essential.
  • Managing relationships with infants requires a different set of personality skills than managing relationships with predatory adults.
  • Therapy and surrounding oneself with supportive individuals can help individuals develop stronger negotiation skills and protect their interests.

Emancipation at age 15 (00:35:45)

  • Emancipated herself at 15 due to family issues and her brother's schizophrenia.
  • Was making enough money to support herself and wanted to remove herself from a dangerous home environment.
  • Her mother was handling the divorce and her brother's situation, so she couldn't provide the necessary legal guardianship.
  • Her relationship with her mother remained intact, but her relationship with her father had always been tumultuous.
  • Moving out was a practical decision that made sense for her career and personal well-being.

Working at Trader Joes, the habitual nature of humans (00:39:30)

  • The speaker worked at Trader Joe's for five years, describing it as the best job they ever had.
  • They enjoyed the physicality of the job, the immediate reward of their labor, and the appreciation from customers.
  • The speaker also appreciated the social aspect of the job, meeting new people and feeling a sense of purpose.
  • Humans are creatures of habit and crave a predictable daily schedule.
  • Disruptions to habits can cause anxiety and stress.
  • Anxiety is not a psychological problem but rather a navigation problem caused by an unpredictable environment.
  • The speaker's childhood was turbulent and unpredictable, which may have contributed to their need for stability in adulthood.
  • Predictable routines and rituals are important for children and adults alike, providing a sense of security and a foundation for exploration and growth.
  • Routines and rituals are also essential in marriage to maintain a sense of direction and stability.

Conservative beliefs at a California university (00:44:05)

  • The speaker felt isolated at UCLA due to her conservative beliefs.
  • She observed that the radical left tends to exclude individuals who hold different views.
  • The speaker's initial alienation stemmed from her decision not to vote for Biden in the primaries.
  • She was raised with values of personal responsibility, accountability, freedom, and independence, rather than being explicitly political.
  • The speaker emancipated herself, demonstrating her desire for independence.
  • Despite taking online courses during COVID-19, she managed to complete her degree in English Literature at UCLA.
  • She found 60% of her online courses to be worthwhile.
  • The speaker's passion for stories and understanding the human condition through literature drove her academic pursuits.
  • She had a few good professors, including a right-wing, common-sense driven professor at Berkeley's business school.

Community college versus university, given a “D” for political take (00:48:39)

  • The author had a more fulfilling educational experience at community college compared to UCLA.
  • At UCLA, the author's first-semester class focused on intersectional literature, exploring themes of race, religion, sexuality, and Asian-American literature.
  • The author's final paper argued that a character's mental health struggles stemmed from sexual assault, contradicting the professor's interpretation.
  • Receiving a D on the paper, their first non-A grade, along with the professor's dismissive comments, shattered the author's perspective on English literature and higher education.
  • To optimize their schedule and avoid traffic, the author exclusively took classes with a single professor, Dickens, during their time at the university.
  • The author emphasizes the significance of actively seeking out professors and courses that align with one's interests and objectives, as this exploration is essential for academic success.
  • Beyond academics, the author stresses the importance of pursuing job opportunities.

Universities fail to set up students for career success (00:54:11)

  • Students are not being prepared for career success in college.
  • There is no push for internships or work experience.
  • Many students graduate with meaningless degrees and no job opportunities.
  • The current generation is entering the workforce later than any other generation.
  • Colleges and parents are not encouraging students to be proactive in their career preparation.
  • Students need to take a proactive stance to secure internships and work experience.

Joining The Daily Wire, “I almost said no” (00:55:57)

  • The speaker began social media management for political organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic, including Young Americans for Liberty, PragerU, and Foundation for Economic Education.
  • They joined PragerU's student group, Prager Force, and eventually created videos for PragerU.
  • The speaker transitioned into economic journalism and social media management for Foundation for Economic Education and Young Americans for Liberty.
  • Their growing Instagram presence caught the attention of Daily Wire, who invited them to launch a YouTube show for young people.
  • Despite initial hesitation due to fear and self-doubt, the speaker accepted the offer and started their show with Daily Wire.
  • The speaker initially resisted a significant opportunity due to comfort and fear of change, but was encouraged to take the risk and embrace it.
  • The speaker's journey involved moving across the country, leaving her support system, and entering a competitive industry, but she achieved success and reached her goals.
  • Her YouTube channel grew rapidly, reaching one million subscribers in five months and currently has over four million subscribers.
  • Preparation, opportunity, and timing are important factors in success.
  • The speaker's upbeat and enthusiastic personality, combined with their charisma, contributes to their success.

Brett’s approach to content creation (01:09:46)

  • Brett approaches content creation with a positive attitude and humor.
  • He believes that humor is an important way to reach people and make his show entertaining.
  • Brett saw a gap in the market for young, female, conservative commentators who are entertaining and engaging.
  • He filled this gap by creating content that he would want to watch himself.
  • Brett genuinely cares about his audience and wants to make good content for them.

The best way to work with creatives (01:13:15)

  • The Daily Wire gives creatives freedom to work without interference.
  • The Daily Wire supports creative ideas and projects, even if they are high-risk or complex.
  • The Daily Wire provides resources, teams, and professional production support for creative projects.
  • The Daily Wire trusts creatives to generate autonomous projects.
  • Jeremy initially did not understand the Comment Section show but recognized its potential and took a risk on it.
  • Jeremy acknowledged that the show was not for him personally but understood its importance.
  • Jeremy's confidence in allowing people to generate autonomous projects makes working with the Daily Wire a pleasure.

Voice acting on the new animated show, “Mr. Birchum” (01:16:41)

  • Adam Carolla discusses his voice acting role in the upcoming animated comedy series "Mr. Birchum".
  • The show is inspired by a character Adam has been doing on his radio show for years.
  • Mr. Birchum is a traditional wood shop teacher who is struggling to adapt to the changing world.
  • Adam's daughter is a precocious and intelligent character who is very close to her father.
  • The target audience for the show is adults who feel abandoned by comedy and are looking for truthful and unafraid comedy.
  • The show has satirical elements and the writing is incredible.
  • Adam has not met his co-stars, Megan Kelly and Adam Carolla, yet but will be meeting them soon.
  • The show will launch on Daily Wire this month.
  • No information provided.

Acting in the upcoming live action series, “The Pendragon Cycle” (01:20:04)

  • "Pen Dragon Cycle" is The Daily Wire's most ambitious project to date, with substantial resources invested.
  • Showrunner and director Jeremy Boreing has been a fan of the book series for over 30 years and personally wrote the scripts.
  • Candace Owens, the only Daily Wire host in the show, portrays Merlin's wife, a strong and empathetic character.
  • Filming took place over five months in Hungary, with Owens recording her podcast simultaneously.
  • The series presents the rise of Christianity through Arthurian legends, featuring practical stunts and minimal reliance on visual effects.
  • Owens values working with like-minded individuals to create content that positively impacts others.
  • She criticizes many Hollywood scripts and characters for lacking positive messages.
  • Owens praises the "Pen Dragon Cycle" story and her collaboration with Jeremy Boreing and Mr. Burum.
  • "Pen Dragon Cycle" combines meaningful values with lovable characters.

Starring in the upcoming film, “Snow White and the Evil Queen” (01:24:53)

  • Jeremy, the director, worked passionately on a high-quality production of "Snow White and the Evil Queen."
  • Despite challenges like the SAG strike and controversy, the team aimed to stay true to the original story's values and themes.
  • Jeremy recognized Lacey's potential from her work on "Pendragon" and invited her to film a trailer for "Snow White and the Evil Queen" in Italy.
  • Lacey prepared overnight to sing a song composed by Jeremy for the trailer, adjusting to a higher vocal range.
  • The trailer was filmed in secret while Lacey was still shooting "Pendragon" and later launched with the rollout of Beny.
  • Lacey is now in pre-production for "Snow White and the Evil Queen," taking voice and dance lessons for the musical role.
  • The speaker expresses excitement about upcoming projects and collaborations, especially with Jeremy.
  • Working with Jeremy and other mentors at Daily Wire, including Dallas Son, Michael Knowles, Matt Walsh, and Ben Shapiro, has enhanced the speaker's risk-taking abilities and positively impacted their personal and professional growth.

Tradition and reason (01:35:35)

  • The hosts discuss potential topics for the Daily Wire show, including women's issues, marriage, and the conception of women in the modern world.
  • They consider exploring the idea of tilting society in a more conservative direction and the challenges of communicating this to young women.
  • The hosts encourage viewers to support The Daily Wire if they believe in the value of traditional and reasonable voices in the current unstable world.
  • They express gratitude to the audience for their time and attention and acknowledge the film crew in Scottsdale, Arizona, for their contribution.
  • They commend Brett for his daring and entertaining character, recognizing the courage it takes to step outside of one's comfort zone.

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