Texas Children's Hospital Exposed for Illegal Gender Affirming Care | Dr. Eithan Haim | EP 459

Texas Children's Hospital Exposed for Illegal Gender Affirming Care | Dr. Eithan Haim | EP 459

Coming up (00:00:00)

  • Dr. Eithan Haim, a general and trauma surgeon, exposes illegal gender-affirming care at Texas Children's Hospital.
  • He discusses the risks and fears associated with speaking out against the hospital.

Intro (00:00:17)

  • Dr. Haim is interviewed to discuss his recent whistleblowing against Texas Children's Hospital.

Working at the world’s largest children’s hospital (00:01:09)

  • Dr. Haim introduces himself as a general and trauma surgeon in Greenville, Texas.
  • He describes his background, including his education and surgical training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.
  • He mentions the prestigious reputation of the surgery program and the opportunity to witness the changes in medicine before and after COVID-19.
  • Dr. Haim explains the role of surgical residents in big teams at large hospitals, emphasizing their responsibilities in patient care.
  • He recalls the high standard of medical care at Texas Children's Hospital, one of the largest and best children's hospitals in the world.

Entrance of ideology and censorship (00:03:54)

  • The medical profession and society's institutions have transformed, prioritizing ideology over morality, evidence, and science.
  • Truth became subjective, based on individual claims rather than objective observation or measurement.
  • This ideological shift guided medical interventions, such as mask mandates, lockdowns, and social distancing, without scientific basis.
  • Censorship prevented questioning or debating these ideologies, especially in academic medical centers.
  • Witnessing the severe repercussions for questioning led to a personal understanding of the impact of censorship.
  • During this time, the speaker became familiar with the sound of mothers grieving the loss of their children.
  • The pandemic lockdown led to the implementation of medical practices not based on evidence, such as social distancing, mask mandates, and strict censorship.
  • This changed medical culture dramatically, allowing hospitals to insist that ill patients suffer and die alone without seeing loved ones.
  • The lockdown also led to increased child abuse due to lack of school monitoring and economic stress.
  • The medical establishment's participation in these practices created a culture of shame and silence, preventing doctors from speaking out against harmful interventions.
  • The acceptance of lockdown lies and cancel culture set the stage for the spread of further lies, such as the promotion of gender-affirming care.
  • Gender-affirming care lacks therapeutic rationale and evidence-based support.
  • The spread of gender-affirming care was facilitated by the culture of compliance and silence already established in the medical community.
  • The language used in gender-affirming care is anti-language, diametrically opposed to the truth, and highly manipulative.

A sense of shame, potential criminal liability (00:11:23)

  • Dr. Haim felt a sense of shame and knew that what was being done to children was wrong.
  • Texas Children's Hospital released a public statement in March 2022 saying they would shut down their transgender clinic due to potential criminal liability.
  • Dr. Haim knew the statement was a lie because he worked there and people had told him they were still performing gender-affirming procedures on children.

They admitted it publicly (00:15:30)

  • The directors of the transgender program spoke at the hospital's prestigious Grand Rounds lecture series in January 2023, discussing their approach to hormone therapy and fertility preservation in children.
  • A social worker from the program admitted during a Zoom conference with medical students that they actively concealed the existence of the program from governing bodies to avoid leaving a paper trail.
  • The Grand Rounds lectures and Zoom conferences were open to the public, so hundreds of people knew about the hospital's actions despite their public statement.

The WPATH Files, delayed emotional reaction (00:16:54)

  • Dr. Eithan Haim, a surgeon at Texas Children's Hospital, expressed ethical and legal concerns about the hospital's gender-affirming care program, which he believes harms children by mutilating and sterilizing them.
  • Dr. Haim felt compelled to expose the program's practices despite the potential consequences, driven by a sense of shame and responsibility towards his patients, profession, and daughter.
  • The YouTube video hosted by Dr. Haim discusses allegations of illegal gender-affirming care at Texas Children's Hospital, raising concerns about the hospital's approach to gender-affirming care for minors and highlighting specific cases and controversies surrounding the program.

Reorienting toward the truth (00:22:27)

  • The speaker believes that living by the truth is the only way to live appropriately.
  • There were children who were being harmed and the speaker felt compelled to do something about it.
  • The speaker reached out to many people for five months before finding someone who would take the story.

Alone against the medical administration (00:24:59)

  • The American academic medical system is described as having a culture of censorship and fear.
  • The speaker felt they had to act alone because no one else was willing to speak out.
  • The speaker believes that doctors who stay silent are making an incorrect calculus.

Christopher Rufo: getting the story out (00:27:23)

  • Reached out to conservative organizations to share the story.
  • Christopher Rufo showed interest and began the vetting process.
  • The story was released on May 16th, 2023, exposing the hospital's actions.
  • Within 24 hours of the story's release, the Texas Senate passed a bill banning the exposed interventions with bipartisan support.
  • Democrats were previously unaware of such practices in their districts.
  • The Attorney General announced an investigation into the hospital.
  • The CEO of Texas Children's Hospital announced the program's shutdown in accordance with the new legislation.

Visited by federal agents, fear and compliance (00:32:09)

  • Dr. Eithan Haim, a former surgical trainee at Texas Children's Hospital, exposed illegal gender-affirming care practices at the hospital.
  • He became a whistleblower to protect his future career and the well-being of children.
  • Federal agents from Health and Human Services investigated Dr. Haim after his anonymous story went public, likely due to political motivations to suppress dissent.
  • Dr. Haim received a target letter from an assistant U.S. attorney in the Southern District of Texas, indicating a potential criminal investigation.
  • Dr. Haim believes the intimidation tactics were intended to instill fear and compliance, preventing him from speaking out further.
  • The charges against Dr. Haim remain unclear, but they may be related to his accusations and whistleblowing activities.
  • Dr. Haim and his wife celebrated after the graduation ceremony despite the accusations and contacted their attorneys, Christopher Rufo and Marcel Burke, to fight the case.

Legal purgatory, corruption of the Department of Justice (00:45:14)

  • After exposing the illegal gender-affirming care at Texas Children's Hospital, Dr. Haim faced a legal purgatory where the Department of Justice's investigation remained unclear.
  • The corruption within the Department of Justice was severe, prompting Dr. Haim to take his story public despite his initial intentions to keep a low profile.
  • Dr. Haim's attorney sent a letter to Congressman Jim Jordan outlining the misconduct of the Department of Justice officials.
  • The misconduct included ill-defined threats and intimidation towards Dr. Haim and his wife.
  • The prosecutor threatened to bring Dr. Haim to a jury trial even if there was no crime, implying that they were targeting him for blowing the whistle.
  • Dr. Haim's wife faced issues during a background check for the Department of Justice, with comments suggesting that she could face problems if she continued to support Dr. Haim.
  • The Department of Justice officials claimed that Dr. Haim had no right to blow the whistle and should have protested outside with a sign instead.

The impulse to demonize the whistleblower (00:49:00)

  • People find it hard to believe the truth about institutions when they are mostly sane and have integrity.
  • It's easy to assume whistleblowers are troublemakers or have something fundamentally wrong with them.
  • Demonizing whistleblowers is a valid strategy when institutions are corrupt because it can discredit them even if they are innocent.

Blood sacrifice for the empire of lies (00:51:11)

  • Prosecuting innocent whistleblowers is a smart strategy for corrupt institutions because it shows loyalty to the cause and has no consequences for them.
  • People are waking up to the corruption of the justice system and realizing that whistleblowers are being destroyed.
  • Telling the story of corruption is the only way for whistleblowers to survive, both theoretically and physically.

Crimes against humanity: this fits the definition (00:52:24)

  • The practices at Texas Children's Hospital could be considered crimes against humanity.
  • Sterilization and mutilation of children may qualify as crimes against humanity.
  • The speaker believes the legislation is written poorly or their comprehension is lacking.
  • Dr. Pearson believes the practices at Texas Children's Hospital are already crimes.
  • If a doctor were to perform a gastric sleeve surgery on a person with a low BMI, they would lose their license and go to prison.
  • The Overton window has shifted for this issue, making it acceptable.
  • The Overton window for acceptable medical evidence shifted during the pandemic.
  • This shift set the stage for the current situation at Texas Children's Hospital.
  • The acceptance of the Overton window shift in one domain means it will likely shift in others.
  • There are already papers being published disputing the validity of borderline personality disorder.
  • The politicization of the diagnostic and counseling clinical enterprise is increasing.

A letter to Jim Jordan (00:56:26)

  • Sent a letter to Jim Jordan, a congressman and chairman of the house subcommittee on the weaponization of the Department of Justice, outlining misconduct.
  • The prosecutor did not know the details of the case but used the fact that his wife was undergoing a background check as a threat.
  • The letter stated that he had no right to blow the whistle or protect the harmed children.
  • Decided to take the story public to prevent the corruption from being self-evident and to protect himself.
  • Spent over $250,000 of personal savings and investments on legal defense and advocacy.

Blowing up and spreading the truth (00:59:56)

  • The story blew up after going public with Chris Rufo.
  • Despite the uncertainty of the situation, he continued his work as a surgeon.
  • Gave interviews to various media outlets, including Tucker Carlson, Dr. Phil, John Papo, Dad Saves America, Laura Ingram, Megyn Kelly, and Kyle Seraphin.
  • Obtained the WPATH files before their release through Shellenberger's team.

The charges being brought against Dr. Haim (01:01:17)

  • Dr. Haim is facing four felony charges related to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • The indictment was unsealed on Monday, and Dr. Haim cannot discuss the details of the charges due to the ongoing trial.
  • Dr. Haim expressed a sense of vindication upon reading the charges, as he believes they are disconnected from reality and an attempt to cover up the interventions he is criticizing.
  • Dr. Haim initially felt a sense of relief upon reading the charges, as they seemed unrelated to any wrongdoing on his part.
  • However, he was also shocked by the incompetence and stupidity of the charges, which he saw as virtues rather than faults.
  • Dr. Haim believes that the charges against him are an attempt to damage his reputation and hinder his efforts to criticize certain medical interventions.

This is not incompetence, it’s intentional (01:05:41)

  • The speaker expresses relief that the truth about their case is coming out, but also visceral fear due to the potential consequences, including 10 years in prison and missing the birth of their first daughter.
  • They fear what will happen if they don't fight back against the corrupt ideology that is taking away the virtues that make the country great.
  • Despite the fear, they feel resolved to fight and stand up for what is right, as they believe that true love for their children means sacrificing for them, even if it means sacrificing everything.

Why Dr. Haim can still practice (01:08:41)

  • Dr. Haim is still practicing because he works with good people and is a good doctor.
  • He believes that going public with his story has gained him support from people all over the world.
  • Despite facing challenges, he continues to work because he believes he was put on Earth to take care of sick people.
  • People understand his story and the situation happening in the country, and they support him.

Dr. Haim was a leftist before this (01:11:31)

  • Dr. Eithan Haim, a former Leftist, experienced a political transformation towards conservatism in his 20s, influenced by his family background and experiences, particularly related to Israel.
  • Dr. Haim has spent a significant amount of money, approximately $300,000, to fight against the Ontario College of Psychologists and defend his position.
  • Dr. Haim encourages people to support his cause by donating to the fund at conservativelygendgo.com/texorwhistleblower.
  • Dr. Haim will join the Daily Wire to discuss the transgender madness that has taken over the clinical and medical world, focusing on why this specific issue has gained prominence.

What happens next: going to trial (01:17:11)

  • Dr. Haim plans to fight the allegations and go to trial to protect the ability of healthcare professionals to report wrongdoings.
  • He believes it is crucial to take action to prevent children from undergoing irreversible medical procedures without fully understanding the consequences.

Cenk Uyger: wrong about the numbers and the reality of “treatment” (01:18:10)

  • Dr. Haim disputes Cenk Uyger's claim that only a small number of children are affected by gender-affirming care.
  • He asserts that hundreds of children at Texas Children's Hospital alone are being prescribed puberty blockers, which have lasting effects and can lead to further medical interventions.
  • Dr. Haim estimates that hundreds of thousands of children are affected nationwide, becoming chronic medical patients due to the lack of alternative options.
  • He emphasizes that the statistics do not fully capture the human impact of these medical interventions.

So much suffering because of a lie (01:20:50)

  • A network of parents in Dallas formed to support each other after their children were affected by transgender ideology and sought medical interventions.
  • Parents shared stories of their children being groomed by counselors, friends, or online sources to identify as transgender, leading to negative outcomes such as trafficking, drug addiction, and job loss.
  • The speaker criticizes the argument that only a few children are affected, emphasizing that each case represents significant loss and suffering for the families involved.
  • Surgeries, such as mastectomies, are described as horrific and are followed by ongoing anguish, depression, and an existential crisis for the individuals.
  • Texas Children's Hospital is accused of providing illegal gender-affirming care to children without informing them about the risks, including the link between body dysmorphia and juvenile depression.
  • The hospital is also accused of pushing children towards gender-affirming care without considering alternative options like therapy.

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