S1 E17: Scottish Independence, Twitter & Bagpipes: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

S1 E17: Scottish Independence, Twitter & Bagpipes: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

NFL Controversy

US Intervention in Iraq

  • President Obama announced another military intervention in Iraq to combat ISIS.

Olive Garden Scrutiny

  • Starboard released a critical report on Olive Garden's food quality and suggested cost-cutting measures.

Scottish Independence Referendum

  • Scotland will vote on leaving the United Kingdom to become an independent country.
  • The campaign for independence is backed by the SNP and Scottish Greens, while the opposing campaign is called "Better Together."
  • The referendum has sparked heated debates and significant funding from both sides.
  • Author J.K. Rowling donated $1.6 million to the campaign for Scotland to remain part of the UK.
  • The pro-independence campaign is primarily financed by lottery winners known as "Scooper 61."
  • Arguments for independence emphasize self-governance and a desire for a more liberal government.
  • Concerns raised by the anti-independence campaign include losing the pound as currency and uncertainties surrounding oil reserves.
  • Recent polls indicate a slight majority in favor of independence, making the vote outcome uncertain.
  • Potential consequences of independence include changes to the Union Jack flag and the removal of nuclear weapons from Scotland, posing challenges for the UK.
  • The British government's efforts to appeal to Scotland, such as raising the Scottish flag over 10 Downing Street, have faced difficulties.
  • Prime Minister David Cameron made emotional appeals to Scotland to remain part of the UK, but the referendum outcome remains uncertain.

Social Media and Corporate Involvement

  • Newscasters' misidentification of photographs as selfies and the overuse of selfies have been noted.
  • Twitter serves as a platform for serious social issues discussions, but corporations' attempts to capitalize on these discussions for self-promotion have been criticized.
  • Examples of inappropriate tweets by corporations on sensitive occasions like 9/11, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Pearl Harbor's anniversary have been highlighted.
  • Corporations should recognize that Twitter is a space for personal interactions and conversations, and their involvement can be intrusive and offensive.
  • A hashtag game called #WeUnderstand is suggested for corporations to acknowledge that their presence in certain discussions is not always necessary and to limit their activities to selling their products.

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