S2 E14: Chicken Farming, the NSA & FIFA: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

S2 E14: Chicken Farming, the NSA & FIFA: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

USA Freedom Act

  • The House of Representatives passed the USA Freedom Act to limit the NSA's mass collection of phone records and safeguard Americans' privacy.

FIFA Presidency

  • Despite controversies and scandals, FIFA President Sepp Blatter is likely to win re-election, including the decision to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Johnny Depp's Controversy in Australia

Chicken Industry in the United States

  • The episode focuses on the rapid growth of the chicken industry in the US and the ethical concerns surrounding the treatment of chickens in factory farms.
  • The industry is dominated by four major companies: Pilgrims, Tyson, Purdue, and Sanderson Farms.
  • Despite high demand for chicken, many farmers live below or near the poverty line.
  • Farmers are paid based on a tournament system, with bonuses for the top half and deductions for the bottom half.
  • Farmers are often indebted to chicken companies and have limited control over their chickens' conditions.
  • Some farmers have committed suicide due to financial and emotional stress.
  • Chicken companies retaliate against farmers who speak out about industry issues.

Government Response and Challenges

  • The Obama Administration attempted to address these issues with new regulations, but they are not being enforced due to a rider in the agricultural Appropriations bill.
  • Representative Steve Womack, possibly influenced by Tyson's headquarters in his district or campaign contributions from chicken companies, has championed efforts to prevent regulation enforcement.
  • An amendment to protect farmers' rights to speak out without retaliation failed to pass, but there is hope for its reconsideration next month.

Call to Action

  • Viewers are encouraged to contact their representatives and express support for the amendment to protect farmers' rights.

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