S2 E32: Medicaid Gap, China & Syria: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

S2 E32: Medicaid Gap, China & Syria: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

UK Politics

  • UK Prime Minister David Cameron faced criticism for passing a controversial tax credit reform that would negatively impact low-income families, especially working mothers.
  • The House of Lords unexpectedly defeated the measure, leading to criticism of the government's policies.
  • Composer Andrew Lloyd Weber flew in from New York to vote in favor of the tax credit cuts, despite his infrequent attendance in the House of Lords.

US Politics

  • The upcoming 2016 US presidential election is already a topic of discussion, but the focus should be on important local elections and referenda taking place in various states, such as Washington State's initiative to prohibit the trade of certain animal parts.


  • The Medicaid Gap refers to the situation where people earn too much money to qualify for government assistance but not enough to afford private insurance.
  • The Supreme Court's 2012 ruling on Obamacare allowed states to choose whether to expand Medicaid, leading to 20 states declining the expansion, leaving over 3 million people in the Medicaid Gap.
  • The upcoming elections in Mississippi, Virginia, and Kentucky could determine the fate of Medicaid expansion in those states.
  • In Mississippi, Democratic nominee for Governor, Robert Gray, supports Medicaid expansion, but his chances of winning are considered low.
  • In Virginia, Democrats would need to gain two Senate seats to overcome the opposition of State Senator Dick Black, a leading opponent of Medicaid expansion.
  • In Kentucky, where Medicaid expansion has been successful, gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin has been accused of wanting to end the expansion, although he denies this.
  • Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin opposes government assistance but sought federal aid after his family's factory burned down.
  • Bevin's opponent, Andy Beshear, supports expanding Medicaid, which Bevin opposes.
  • The outcome of the Kentucky gubernatorial race could affect healthcare for half a million people.

International Relations

  • China is building artificial islands in the South China Sea to claim disputed territories, leading to tensions with the United States.
  • Kenny G's music is immensely popular in China and has a calming effect on the population.
  • The author suggests using Kenny G's music as a diplomatic tool to defuse tensions between China and the United States.

Other News

  • Local elections in Ukraine saw Chewbacca, the Star Wars character, arrested for campaigning for Darth Vader, who was running for mayor.
  • Morning show anchors celebrated Halloween with costumes and makeup, leading to some technical difficulties and awkward moments during a live broadcast.

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