S3 E24: Police Accountability, Wells Fargo & 2016 Election: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

S3 E24: Police Accountability, Wells Fargo & 2016 Election: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

2016 Presidential Debate

  • John Oliver discusses the widely criticized performance of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential debate against Hillary Clinton.
  • Trump falsely claimed to have won every online poll despite evidence to the contrary, highlighting the unreliability of online polls.
  • Trump fixated on a comment made by Clinton about Alicia Machado, a former Miss Universe contestant, and made derogatory remarks about her appearance.
  • Oliver contrasts Trump's current behavior with his previous praise of Machado during a 1997 interview.

Police Accountability

  • Police accountability is crucial due to recent controversies involving police shootings and misconduct.
  • The argument that there are only a few bad apples ignores systemic issues and bad laws that officers must enforce.
  • Lack of comprehensive data on police misconduct hinders assessment of the problem's true extent.
  • Internal investigations of police misconduct often lack impartiality and thoroughness, leading to concerns about accountability.
  • Unwritten codes of silence, state laws, and union contracts can hinder the identification and removal of problem officers.
  • The practice of "Gypsy cops," where officers escape accountability by resigning and moving to different departments, has led to tragic incidents.
  • Police misconduct undermines trust in law enforcement and necessitates reforms to ensure accountability.

Wells Fargo Ethics Scandal

  • Wells Fargo employees allegedly created millions of fake accounts in customers' names to meet unreasonable sales quotas.
  • Wells Fargo retaliated against employees who reported the fake accounts through an ethics hotline.
  • Despite forfeiting $41 million of his pay, Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf remains in his position.
  • Wells Fargo paid $24 million to settle a case involving the illegal repossession of military members' vehicles.
  • Wells Fargo's past ethics videos contradict their actions, suggesting a lack of commitment to ethical practices.
  • A former Wells Fargo employee criticizes the bank's behavior and offers advice on improving ethics.
  • Ethics violations are likened to a dildo attached to a boomerang, emphasizing their eventual consequences.

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