S3 E28: School Segregation & 2016 Election Update: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

S3 E28: School Segregation & 2016 Election Update: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

2016 US Presidential Election

  • Last Week Tonight host John Oliver discussed the FBI's review of Hillary Clinton's emails and its potential impact on her chances of winning the presidency.
  • The discovery of new emails related to the case came from the FBI's investigation into Anthony Weiner.
  • FBI Director James Comey stated that the significance of the new material is yet to be assessed, leaving uncertainty about the impact on Clinton.

School Segregation and Racial Inequality in Education

  • School segregation and racial inequality in education were discussed as ongoing issues, with a focus on the lack of integration in Northern schools like those in New York City.
  • Malcolm X criticized the hypocrisy of Northern liberals who condemned Southern segregation while ignoring segregation in their own cities.
  • Desegregation efforts in Northern cities often faced resistance and violence, similar to the South.
  • Integration brought resources to predominantly black schools, leading to improvements in facilities and funding.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina, became a model for effective desegregation, achieving significant racial integration in schools by the late 1980s.
  • Desegregation plans were challenged and dismantled due to legal rulings and changing attitudes, leading to resegregation in many cities.
  • Some parents resisted integration, fearing negative impacts on their children's education and safety.
  • Segregated schools can have devastating effects on children's self-worth and educational opportunities.
  • Studies have shown positive impacts of desegregation, including increased graduation rates, reduced incarceration rates, and narrowing of the achievement gap for black students, without negative effects on white students.
  • Lack of exposure to different races can lead to racial bias in children.
  • Diverse schools provide numerous benefits, but there is often resistance to implementing them.
  • Some school districts are taking steps to create more integrated schools.

Election Day in the United States

  • The tradition of voting on Tuesdays in the US dates back to an 1845 law that accommodated travel limitations and the Sabbath.
  • Having elections on a Tuesday can result in long lines and inconvenience for voters, especially those who work hourly jobs.
  • Expanding early voting, moving Election Day to a weekend, or declaring it a national holiday could increase voter turnout.

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