Trump’s Second Term: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Trump’s Second Term: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Trump's Second-Term Platform

  • Trump is running for president again and currently leads in the polls.
  • His platform includes establishing only two genders, mass deportations, stop-and-frisk policies, defunding schools with vaccine or mask mandates, and imposing tariffs.
  • Trump plans to retaliate against political opponents and has referred to certain groups as "vermin."

Project 2025

  • Project 2025 is a plan created by conservative organizations to ensure Trump's success in his second term.
  • The plan involves dismantling government agencies, defunding education and healthcare, and outlawing pornography.
  • Key figures behind Project 2025, such as Russell Vought, are Christian Nationalists with extreme views.
  • The project aims to have the right people in place to implement Trump's policies effectively.
  • Project 2025 is assembling a database of prospective hires for the White House and the entire federal government, aiming to build an army of vetted and trained staff who can dismantle the administrative state.
  • They plan to use the unitary executive theory to empower the president and bypass Congress, including bringing back impoundment to thwart liberal initiatives.

Schedule F

  • Schedule F is a key part of their plan, which would reclassify around 50,000 career civil servants as political appointees, removing their Civil Service protections and making them loyal to the president rather than their institutions.
  • Trump signed an executive order enacting Schedule F in 2020, but Biden undid it upon taking office. Trump intends to reinstate it if he wins a second term.
  • John McKinty, a former White House personnel office director, is a proponent of Schedule F and believes it will give the president more control over the bureaucracy.

Matt Gaetz's Plan

  • Matt Gaetz created Project 2025, a plan to restructure the federal government and give the president more power.
  • Gaetz's plan would allow the president to fire government employees who are not loyal to him and replace them with loyalists.
  • This would create a "deep state" that is loyal to the president and would allow him to enact policies without the approval of Congress.
  • Gaetz's plan is dangerous because it would undermine the rule of law and could lead to a dictatorship.
  • The best way to stop Gaetz's plan is to vote against Donald Trump in the next election.

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