She BEAT The S&P 500 By 38%?!

She BEAT The S&P 500 By 38%?!

Intro (00:00:00)

  • The speaker is executing a stock trade while recording the podcast.
  • The speaker jokingly compares himself to the Wolf of Wall Street.
  • The speaker warns the audience that discussing stocks may lead to losing money.

Tracking Pelosi’s trades (00:01:00)

  • Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker of the House, made a notable stock purchase of $1.25 million worth of Palantir Networks (PLTR), leading to a significant 10% increase in the stock price within the first two hours of trading.
  • Pelosi's successful stock trading record surpasses that of most hedge funds and renowned investors, with her trades outperforming the S&P 500 by 38% in 2023.
  • Her husband's trades also contributed to her financial success, including the purchase of 25,000 shares of Nvidia at $165 in July 2022, which have since grown to a value of $800 per share.
  • The YouTube channel "My First Million" is seeking subscribers to support their content creation efforts.

Google's woke AI moment (time to buy) (00:09:00)

  • Google's AI product, formerly known as Bard and now called Gemini, received negative attention due to perceived "woke" bias in its responses, sparking outrage among various groups and leading to widespread criticism and calls for the CEO's dismissal.
  • Despite the controversy, Google still possesses valuable assets such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Search, Chrome, Android, and Waymo.
  • The speaker saw the negative PR as a short-term popularity contest and a long-term weighing machine, and decided to buy Google stock during the dip.
  • YouTube generates more revenue than Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and TikTok combined.
  • Google Cloud, just the cloud service, brings in $36 billion in revenue.

Index fund vs. individual stocks (00:14:00)

  • The speaker cautions against individual stock trading due to its high risk and addictive nature, citing examples of people losing money on trading apps like Robinhood.
  • The speaker uses personal experience and trial and error as a learning method, including paying for one-on-one tutoring to learn about AI.
  • The speaker acknowledges that index investing outperforms individual stock trading in the long run but finds enjoyment and learning opportunities in actively trading a small portion of their portfolio.
  • Upon reviewing their trades, the speaker realizes they would have made more money by simply investing in the index and emphasizes the importance of learning from mistakes.
  • The speaker's stock picks performed similarly to the S&P 500 index, with comparable returns.
  • Mistakes were made by buying momentum stocks like Zoom during COVID-19 and following random tips from friends.

Business idea: Outsourced baby monitoring (00:19:00)

  • The speaker discusses their investing strategy and admits to making losses by selling stocks too early or due to market sentiment.
  • They invested a small amount of money in, a baby monitor service with human monitoring, because the founder is a friend and the product has potential.
  • The speaker promotes their involvement with MyBodyTutor, a service that provides personalized nutrition coaching and accountability.
  • Awareness and focus are crucial for achieving goals, as many things in life don't happen because people haven't given them enough attention.
  • Bringing awareness to a goal involves acknowledging the current status, setting a clear plan, and making conscious decisions aligned with the desired outcome.

Jay Penske - The Rupert Murdoch of Entertainment (00:28:00)

Parr's 30 Studs Under 30 (00:38:00)

  • Parr discusses the comments he receives on his appearance and sexuality.
  • He mentions an instance where he was accused of being gay because of the way he was admiring a track athlete's calves.
  • Parr expresses that he is fine with people thinking he is gay.
  • The hosts introduce a new format for their podcast called "The Quickie."
  • "The Quickie" will feature short, interesting segments that the hosts have come across during the week.
  • These segments are usually shared in their group chat but were not suitable for a full podcast episode.
  • The best segments from the week will be compiled into a "Friday Quickie" episode.

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