The Greatest Episode We've Ever Done

The Greatest Episode We've Ever Done

Shaan gets triggered (00:00:00)

  • Shaan introduces the podcast episode, claiming it is the best episode they've ever done.
  • He highlights that the last 20 minutes are particularly exceptional and encourages listeners not to miss them.
  • Sean describes his contrasting daily routines, sometimes feeling like Andrew Huberman's "God's son" and other days feeling like he's waging war from his bed.
  • He explains that he feels most alive when he's in the latter mode, despite the unhealthy habits that come with it.
  • Sean mentions that these intense work sessions are often triggered by negative events or challenges that motivate him to take action.
  • Sean recalls his initial skepticism about Jambies, a company that produces underwear that can be worn as shorts.
  • Despite his doubts, he ended up purchasing 30 pairs of Jambies and even secured a deal with the company for advertising on the Milk Road podcast.
  • Sean expresses his delight with the outcome and mentions that he's been using the $2,000 store credit he received as payment.

540M ARR Pizza Business (00:03:16)

  • Hunt Brothers Pizza, the largest pizza chain in the US with over 9,000 stores and $500 million in annual revenue, operates small pizza restaurants inside convenience stores and gas stations.
  • Unlike traditional pizza chains, Hunt Brothers offers affordable pizza by the slice or "hunk" and has a unique franchise model with a one-time equipment purchase fee and no ongoing fees.
  • The chain's success lies in rural areas with limited dining options and non-traditional locations like gas stations and military bases, where they face less competition and have lower overhead costs.
  • Hunt Brothers' innovative business model, with no royalties, licensing fees, or marketing surcharges, results in high-profit margins for franchisees.
  • The company's growth demonstrates the potential for businesses to succeed by changing their form factor and creating mutually beneficial partnerships, as gas stations benefit from increased sales when customers come in for pizza.
  • Raising Cane's, known for its simple menu and styrofoam packaging, has gained a cult-like following among young people, highlighting the importance of nostalgia and cultural relevance in building a trendy brand.
  • The XFL, an alternative football league, used unique jersey names to generate interest, emphasizing the significance of relatability in maintaining audience engagement.

This silly game is making $22M a year (00:14:02)

  • Geoguessr, a geography guessing game, gained popularity during the pandemic as people sought new forms of entertainment.
  • The game's introduction of a paywall in 2020 led to increased revenue and traffic, resulting in 50 million registered users and millions of dollars in revenue.
  • Geoguessr's popularity has spawned famous YouTubers and TikTokers who play the game, and the game even hosts a World Cup with a $100,000 prize pool.
  • The Swedish developer of Geoguessr has achieved impressive revenue growth, reaching $20 million annually, but with a surprisingly low profit margin of 50%.
  • Despite criticism from users, the paywall strategy appears to have been successful, as evidenced by the developer's financial success and the owner's luxurious lifestyle.

Shaan's white collar side hustle of the week (00:22:11)

  • Alex, a Brown University sophomore, makes $70,000 annually by flipping high-end restaurant reservations. He creates multiple accounts on Open Table, uses fake names and voices to make reservations at popular restaurants, and then sells them for a profit.
  • The New Yorker article about Alex's side hustle buried the viral story nine pages into the article.
  • The hosts believe that Alex's side hustle will likely be shut down soon due to the publicity.
  • The hosts recall a similar experience they had in college, attempting to win the McDonald's Monopoly game by searching through dumpsters for game pieces.

The house always has an edge (00:26:48)

  • A self-proclaimed degenerate gambler shares his experiences and reflections on gambling.
  • A pivotal moment occurred when his billionaire mentor, Michael Burch, questioned the logic of gambling due to the house's edge, leading to a significant shift in the speaker's perspective.
  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning from successful individuals and highlights the impact of his mentor's advice.
  • Despite passing on an initial investment opportunity in Beehive, a newsletter platform, when its valuation was under $10, the speaker now commends their rapid development, consistent delivery, and impressive growth, with over a billion emails sent in just two years.
  • The speaker criticizes the common practice of celebrating fundraising news, arguing that it is premature and that founders should instead focus on delivering value and paying the rent.
  • The speaker acknowledges that he missed out on a good investment opportunity and suggests that Beehive consider changing their name (

Nick Gray's unconventional dating experiment (00:33:08)

  • Nick Gray, known for his unconventional behavior, gained attention for his unique dating experiment.
  • He tweeted an invitation for a blind date in Tokyo, specifying the qualifications and offering to pay for everything in exchange for filming funny videos for his social media.
  • Over 400 women applied, and Nick carefully selected his top choices based on cultural fit.
  • Nick's tweet about the blind date went viral, garnering millions of views.
  • He documented the entire date on social media, sharing every detail and keeping his audience engaged.
  • The date was a huge success, with Nick and his date enjoying various activities and receiving special treatment due to the popularity of the event.
  • The date was extended beyond the initial plan, and Nick received offers from streaming services for a potential show about his experience.
  • Nick's genuine and adventurous spirit resonated with many people, who saw him as someone living life to the fullest.
  • His unconventional approach to dating and his focus on fun and adventure captured the attention of the audience.
  • The story highlighted the importance of making the most of one's time and living life to the fullest, which resonated deeply with viewers.

Real life Rom Com plays out on Twitter (00:37:22)

  • Nick Gray organized a blind date in Tokyo and invited potential dates to apply via a Google Doc, attracting over 400 applicants.
  • He meticulously planned the date, including sightseeing, dining, and exploring the city, and shared updates on social media.
  • Nick documented the date, from picking up his date at the airport to their initial meeting, and they enjoyed a ramen tour to ease any awkwardness.
  • Despite initial misunderstandings, they shared a glance and smile, indicating a positive connection.
  • Nick admitted feeling exhausted from over-planning and hosted a Tokyo Meetup for followers of the blind date, attracting 20 people.
  • They received a surprise invitation for a fancy dinner from a stranger with a travel company, which they enjoyed despite mixed feelings about the future.
  • Nick's poetic posts about the date suggest a mutual liking, and he agreed to discuss the experience on a podcast.
  • The host encourages listeners to embrace adventure and step out of their comfort zones for positive outcomes.
  • Nick's approach created a memorable story and an opportunity for a great adventure, regardless of the date's outcome.

Scott Galloway: "I can get down but I won't stay down" (00:45:23)

  • Scott Galloway stresses the significance of maintaining a positive attitude and taking proactive steps to keep "sales up" during challenging times.
  • Galloway shares personal experiences of overcoming hardships, such as divorce, lack of success, and a difficult upbringing, and emphasizes the value of engaging in small positive actions like eating right, cleaning, and socializing to stay afloat during tough times.
  • He believes that while external factors like luck and market conditions contribute to success, having "sales up" allows individuals to capitalize on opportunities when they arise.
  • Galloway encourages individuals to avoid staying in a negative state and to be ready for positive changes when they come, drawing from his own experience as a "late bloomer" who faced and overcame significant challenges.
  • Seemingly insignificant actions like making your bed can be linked to success in various areas of life, as they contribute to overall improvement and readiness for opportunities.

How To Lose Weight In 4 Easy Steps (00:50:11)

  • Aaron's blog post, "How to Lose Weight in Four Easy Steps," offers practical advice for weight loss, including avoiding beer, practicing portion control, experiencing heartbreak, and going to the gym regularly.
  • A YouTube video based on Aaron's blog post motivates viewers to get fit.
  • The "My First Muscle" fitness challenge encourages participants to complete 100 push-ups, 100 air squats, and 100 burpees in the fastest time possible.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the fastest male and female, as well as three others for creativity, video creativity, and inspiration.
  • The challenge is open to everyone, with modifications allowed for those who need them.
  • The deadline for the challenge is May 12th, and participants are encouraged to start immediately and complete it within 30 minutes.
  • To be eligible for prizes, participants must subscribe to the YouTube channel and the podcast on Spotify and iTunes and post their challenge videos, tagging Sean VVP and Sam Thear on Twitter.

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