Tony Robbins Changes My Life (48 Minute Coaching Session)

Tony Robbins Changes My Life (48 Minute Coaching Session)

Intro (00:00:00)

  • Tony Robbins is a renowned life and performance coach with a successful business empire generating $7 billion in annual revenue.
  • His clients include top athletes, politicians, and successful investors who seek his guidance to enhance their performance and achieve greater success.
  • The speaker attended a Tony Robbins event eight years ago, which had a profound impact on his life, leading to significant personal and professional growth.
  • Tony Robbins' new book focuses on the mindset of billionaires, exploring their unique strategies and habits that set them apart from others.
  • The speaker expresses his admiration for Tony Robbins and his desire to pay it forward by giving away $100,000 worth of tickets to Robbins' seminar, allowing others to experience the transformative power of his teachings.

How Tony Robbins became Tony Robbins (00:04:30)

  • Tony Robbins' interest in personal development stemmed from his challenging background.
  • He learned about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and became proficient in its application, helping individuals with severe phobias overcome their conditions quickly.
  • Robbins gained recognition for his work with high-profile individuals, including Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, and President Clinton.
  • He is a successful entrepreneur and founder of 111 companies with over $7 billion in revenue across various industries.
  • Robbins emphasizes the importance of modeling and learning from successful individuals to achieve success.

You're rewarded in public for what you practice in private (00:11:30)

  • Tony Robbins' first mentor, Jim Rohn, taught him to change his mindset from earning twice as much to earning 10, 50, 100, or even a thousand times more by becoming more valuable.
  • Robbins over-delivered in everything he did, which became the basis of every company he built across different industries.
  • Tony Robbins went to work for personal development speaker Jim Rohn, giving two to three talks a month.
  • To surpass the top speaker in the company, who only gave three talks a month, Robbins booked himself for three talks a day.
  • Steph Curry, the greatest three-point shooter in the NBA, had to change his jump shot form despite being very good in high school.
  • Curry's father, an NBA player, made him practice the new form until he could shoot well before allowing him to play competitively.
  • Curry still practices by shooting 500 shots a day, which amounts to 3500 shots a week.

Lessons from the top 1 (00:14:30)

  • Tony Robbins emphasizes the importance of practice and immersion in learning, believing that it is more effective than traditional classroom learning.
  • He suggests learning from the best in the world and modeling their strategies, as demonstrated by his experiences with successful individuals like Mark Benioff and Peter Guber.
  • Robbins stresses the value of continuous learning and seeking knowledge from those who have achieved success.
  • He shared the principle of "proximity is power," emphasizing the importance of spending time with people in your desired field to generate opportunities.

“Honey, I’m home” energy (00:20:00)

  • Tony Robbins learned the importance of being in an environment with the best people and adding value to accelerate growth and development.
  • He noticed Tony Robbins' energy shift when he came on stage and adopted the practice of raising his own energy before entering a room.
  • Tony Robbins emphasizes the significance of maintaining a positive and high-energy state at home, using the example of his "Honey, I'm home" ritual with his wife.
  • He explains that it's easy to let one's state drop due to various stressors, but it's crucial to train oneself to maintain a peak state at home for the well-being of both partners.

90 Seconds of Suffering (00:23:00)

  • State regularly becomes your standard and how you feel all the time.
  • You don't have to accept how you feel.
  • Don't wait to feel like doing something, make yourself feel like it.
  • Create a rule to snap out of suffering within 90 seconds.
  • Train yourself to snap out of negative states quickly.
  • A beautiful state of mind helps you find answers quicker.
  • Being in a positive state is a gift to others.
  • Your body is like a channel changer, you can choose your state.
  • The biochemistry of champions involves a surge of testosterone in challenging situations.

The Holy Grail of Investing (00:25:30)

  • Tony Robbins emphasizes the importance of focus and drive, which can be achieved through intense experiences.
  • His book, "The Holy Grail of Investing," features interviews with successful self-made billionaires who share their financial wisdom.
  • One investor, Kyle Bass, achieved a great return during the 2008-2009 economic crisis by betting against the housing market using unique tools.
  • Successful investors have a different asset allocation, focusing on asymmetrical risk-reward strategies.
  • Ray Dalio emphasizes the significance of finding uncorrelated investments to reduce risk and increase potential returns.
  • Private equity has outperformed the stock market over the last 35 years, with an average compounded return of 9.2% for the S&P 500 compared to 20% or more for top private equity firms.
  • Private equity has a lower risk profile compared to other asset classes, with a positive return in its lowest five-year period over the last 30 years.
  • The majority of billionaires made their wealth through financial services, particularly private equity.
  • Tony Robbins recommends investing in a specific private equity firm in Houston, Texas, which offers the opportunity to own a piece of the company and all its funds.

Owning a professional sports team (00:37:00)

  • Tony Robbins became a client of a group of wealthy individuals who invest in professional sports teams.
  • He eventually became a partner with them and now owns a piece of 65 of the largest private equity firms.
  • Robbins also owns a piece of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Golden State Warriors, the Boston Red Sox, and the Pittsburgh Penguins.
  • Sports teams are not correlated to the stock market and have done well in inflationary times.
  • They are now media enterprises, with the 100 most-watched shows last year being sporting events.
  • Sports teams also buy real estate and have amazing income streams.
  • Michael Jordan bought the Charlotte Hornets for $275 million 12 and a half years ago and recently sold them for $3 billion.
  • The four major sports leagues (NBA, MLB, soccer, and hockey) have averaged a compounded return of 18% over the last 10 years, compared to 11% for the S&P 500.

Giving early (00:41:00)

  • Tony Robbins recommends reading the free chapter and listening to the free audio chapter of "The Holy Grail of"
  • Tony emphasizes the importance of giving and dispels the misconception that one must be rich to do so.
  • He shares a personal story about giving all his money to a young boy and receiving an unexpected $1,200 the next day.
  • Tony suggests that gratitude is the secret to wealth and recommends tithing 10% of earnings for financial success.
  • Tony Robbins offers an immersive experience for personal growth through a virtual studio with high-resolution screens and interactive features.
  • Tony Robbins holds a free three-day seminar annually, starting on January 25th and lasting until January 27th, to help individuals create a plan and make necessary changes to improve their energy and life.

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