Beyond Super Tuesday: Voters and issues shaping the general election

Beyond Super Tuesday: Voters and issues shaping the general election

Women Voters

  • Women voters are crucial in the upcoming US presidential election, but they are not a monolithic voting bloc.
  • The Biden campaign is focusing on abortion rights and women's agency over their own bodies as key issues to attract women voters.
  • The Republican Party is trying to counter this by proposing various bills and statements against abortion limitations.
  • Women age 50 and up play an outsized role in voter turnout, and there is an age gap among women on the left regarding support for Joe Biden.

Swing States

  • Swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Arizona will be crucial in the election, and women voters will be influential in these states.
  • Both parties are trying to reach out to younger voters, with the Biden campaign joining TikTok and both parties focusing on college campuses.

Key Issues

  • Beyond reproductive rights, the economy and crime are also important issues for voters.
  • Immigration is playing a significant role in voters' concerns, with former President Trump leading in the polls in Nevada.
  • Some Latino voters in Nevada are turned off by President Biden's tougher immigration messaging, as they would like to see more affirmative relief and protections for undocumented immigrants.
  • Latino voters may be more focused on issues like the price of food, gas, and education, rather than solely on immigration policy.

Michigan's Uncommitted Movement

  • Michigan's uncommitted movement in the Democratic primary was multi-racial and multi-generational, with Arab American, black, and other voters expressing frustration and demanding more action from President Biden on the conflict in Gaza.
  • Voters in Michigan see similarities between the oppression faced by Palestinians and the legacy of racism in America, leading to a sense of kinship and a desire to unite across racial lines on this issue.
  • While President Biden did well in Democratic cities in 2020, including Detroit, there was not a significant turnout of uncommitted voters in the city.

Black Voters

  • Black voters have a range of concerns beyond the conflict in Gaza, including criminal justice reform, reproductive rights, health equity, the threat of white supremacy, and economic issues.
  • Republicans are trying to reach out to black voters by identifying key issues where they can gain support, but they face challenges due to the history of the party and its inflammatory rhetoric.

Latino Voters

  • Republicans have been making progress with Latino voters in recent election cycles, but Latino support for Democratic candidates in Nevada held steady at about 60% from 2020 to 2022.
  • President Biden is trying to energize Latino supporters by emphasizing that he can be tough on the border while also being humane and not as hardline as Donald Trump.
  • There is support among Latino voters for a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, but also for increased border controls.

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