LIVE: Donald Trump reacts to Super Tuesday results | REUTERS

LIVE: Donald Trump reacts to Super Tuesday results | REUTERS

Trump's Rally in Ohio

  • Trump celebrated his success on Super Tuesday and criticized the current state of the country.
  • He highlighted his achievements during his presidency, including securing the border, achieving energy independence, and making trade deals.
  • Trump criticized the Biden administration for the economy, inflation, and the border crisis.
  • He emphasized the importance of unity within the Republican party and called for fair and free elections.
  • Trump thanked his family and staff for their support and expressed his determination to win the upcoming presidential election.

Criticisms of the Biden Administration

  • The speaker claims that the COVID-19 pandemic caused $60 trillion in damage and death worldwide.
  • He criticized the Biden administration's handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, calling it a "horrible surrender."
  • The speaker expressed concern about the situation at the border, describing it as an "invasion" and calling for stricter immigration policies.

Plans for the Future

  • The speaker vowed to "make America great again" by implementing policies such as tax cuts, regulation cuts, and energy dominance.
  • He expressed a sense of urgency, stating that the country is "dying" and that action is needed to prevent further decline.

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