LIVE: Family members of hostages held in Gaza speak to media in London | REUTERS

LIVE: Family members of hostages held in Gaza speak to media in London | REUTERS

Hostages in Gaza

  • The press conference, held by Ohad Gour-Lavie, spokesperson for the Israel Embassy in the UK, aimed to discuss the ongoing situation in Gaza and the hostages held by Hamas.
  • Representatives of families who lost loved ones shared their stories and experiences, emphasizing the human cost of the conflict and the urgency of securing the release of the hostages.
  • The families highlighted the need for international support and pressure on Hamas to agree to a humanitarian deal for the hostages' release.

Elia's Story

  • Elia, a young woman, was abducted from a party in Gaza on October 7th and presumed dead after being buried under bodies for over 3 hours during an attack.
  • Her boyfriend, Alah, was shot in the leg and taken to Gaza by Hamas, where he lacks proper medical treatment and has suffered an epileptic attack due to stress.

Families' Pleas and Frustrations

  • The hostages' families are pleading for help in bringing their loved ones home, believing a deal can be made to secure their release.
  • They call on the Israeli government to prioritize the hostages' release, emphasizing their innocence and lack of involvement in any attacks.
  • Frustrated by the ongoing negotiations, the families demand a swift resolution and believe that returning the 134 hostages to Israel will end the suffering on both sides.

International Pressure and Criticism

  • The speaker stresses that the issue of hostages in Gaza is an international problem affecting the Western world, requiring immense international pressure to bring Hamas back to negotiations.
  • They criticize the lack of information and updates from the Israeli government and the Red Cross regarding the hostages' conditions and negotiation status.
  • The speaker highlights the hypocrisy of certain individuals and organizations who remain silent about the horrific stories of rape and torture in Gaza.

Hostages' Well-being and Urgency

  • Concern is expressed for the well-being of the hostages, including pregnant women, mothers, elderly men, and young children, emphasizing the urgency of their situation.
  • The speaker suggests a simple message to convey the urgency: "134 hostages will be marched from Gaza back to Israel suffering from all sides will stop."

Call for Action

  • The speaker urges the international community to take notice and take action, expressing frustration that the situation has persisted for five months.

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