LIVE: Former President Donald Trump speaks about the Supreme Court's Colorado ballot decision

LIVE: Former President Donald Trump speaks about the Supreme Court's Colorado ballot decision

Supreme Court Ruling

  • The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a candidate cannot be removed from a race simply because an opponent desires it.
  • The decision was praised for its potential to unify the country.

Former President's Response

  • The former president criticized the attempts to remove him from the ballot in Colorado and highlighted his achievements, such as defeating ISIS and passing tax cuts.
  • He emphasized the importance of presidential immunity to ensure that presidents can make tough decisions without fear of prosecution.
  • He accused his opponents of weaponizing the justice system against him and called for an end to the use of prosecutors and judges to target political opponents.


  • The former president urged President Biden to stop the weaponization of the justice system and close the borders to address the unsustainable flow of illegal immigrants, many of whom come from prisons, mental institutions, and terrorist organizations.
  • He asserted that the number of illegal immigrants could reach 20 million by the end of President Biden's term and emphasized the need for immediate action to secure the border.
  • He criticized the current border situation and called it an invasion.
  • He suggested President Biden should use his policies to close the borders and stop migrant crime.

Gratitude and Legal Cases

  • The former president expressed gratitude to the Supreme Court for working quickly and diligently on his case.
  • He believes the legal cases against him have made him more popular and sees it as weaponization.
  • He criticized the coordination between state, city, and federal entities in investigating him.

Policies and Achievements

  • Trump stated that he wants to win based on his policies, such as cutting taxes, lowering interest rates, and securing borders.
  • He claimed that if he were president, wars in Ukraine and Israel would not have happened, and inflation would have been prevented.

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