LIVE: Pentagon briefing with Air Force Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder

LIVE: Pentagon briefing with Air Force Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder

US-China Relations

  • The Pentagon assesses that China's actual defense spending could be larger than the publicly announced amount and calls for more transparency from China.
  • The Pentagon is taking steps to address China's dangerous behavior in the South China Sea by working with partners and allies to ensure freedom of navigation and regional stability.

US-Israel Relations

  • Secretary Austin met with Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, expressing concerns about facilitating additional entry of aid.
  • The US has not yet seen a credible and implementable plan from Israel for operations in Rafah.
  • The Pentagon has ongoing dialogue with the Israeli Defense Force and Ministry of Defense regarding their operations.
  • The Pentagon has been coordinating with the Israeli Defense Forces and communicating with local residents via text messages to ensure their safety during airdrops.
  • The US is working with Israel to open up additional routes for aid delivery into Gaza.
  • The US recognizes the apparent paradox of providing both bombs to Israel and aid to Palestinians, but emphasizes Israel's right to defend itself against Hamas attacks and the importance of supporting Israel's security.
  • The US is providing $180 million in humanitarian assistance to people in Gaza.
  • The US is not considering cutting off military assistance to Israel at this time.

US-Turkey Relations

  • The Pentagon has no comment on the possibility of Turkey launching cross-border operations in Northern Iraq and Syria, but emphasizes the potential challenges such actions could pose to the defeat ISIS mission.
  • The US expects Turkey to conduct its operations in accordance with international humanitarian law and the international law of armed conflict.
  • The Senate previously defeated an attempt to block the sale of F-16 jets to Turkey.
  • The Turkish foreign minister is expected to visit Washington this week, and the US will likely discuss the F-16 sale with him.
  • The US supports Turkey's acquisition of the F-16s, but the process involves Congressional approval.

US-Philippines Relations

  • The US condemns China's reckless maneuvers against Philippine vessels near Second Thomas Shoal, which resulted in injuries and disregarded international law.
  • The US reiterates its support for the Philippines and its commitment to the mutual defense treaty.

Humanitarian Assistance

  • The Department of Defense is reviewing options for a maritime corridor for humanitarian assistance into Gaza, including potential commercial and contracted options.
  • The US would play a supporting role in providing humanitarian assistance, with the US Agency for International Development as the lead coordinator.
  • Airdrops of humanitarian aid in Syria are coordinated with Israeli Defense Forces and local residents are notified via text messages to ensure safety.
  • The US is working with international partners and allies to address the Houthi threat in the region and disrupt their capabilities.
  • The US is actively reviewing options for a maritime corridor for humanitarian assistance into Gaza, but no specific details are available yet.
  • Discussions are underway regarding the establishment of a maritime corridor to facilitate the delivery of aid to Gaza.
  • The Pentagon is exploring options for expediting aid delivery to Gaza, including the use of commercial or contracted options, in coordination with other countries.
  • The US is concerned about the humanitarian situation in Gaza and wants to ensure that innocent Palestinians can get the assistance they need.
  • The US is considering airdropping aid into Gaza and is reviewing options for using other assets to deliver aid.


  • The US continues to urge Congress to pass the supplemental aid package for Ukraine to support its urgent needs and replenish US stocks.


  • The US is not contemplating sending troops to Haiti at this time but is monitoring the situation closely.

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