LIVE: White House briefing with Karine Jean-Pierre, John Kirby

LIVE: White House briefing with Karine Jean-Pierre, John Kirby

Women's Rights and Reproductive Freedom

  • The Biden administration is committed to advancing women's rights and opportunities in the US and worldwide.
  • The administration is celebrating Women's History Month while recognizing the ongoing attacks on women's reproductive freedom.
  • President Biden and Vice President Harris advocate for every woman's right to choose, including those struggling with infertility who may need IVF.
  • The administration is working to ensure access to Mifeprex, an FDA-approved medication for over 20 years, at certified pharmacies.

Humanitarian Assistance to Gaza

  • The Biden administration is committed to expanding humanitarian assistance to Gaza following the tragic loss of Palestinian civilians seeking aid.
  • The US plans to conduct airdrops of humanitarian aid to Gaza, focusing on delivering food to those in need.
  • The US is also exploring a maritime component to increase the flow of humanitarian assistance, in addition to ongoing efforts to increase ground transportation.
  • The US is working with aid organizations and partners on the ground to ensure proper distribution of the aid to those in need.

US-Israel Relations

  • President Biden met with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi to discuss shared challenges, including humanitarian assistance for Palestinians, preventing regional escalation in the Middle East, and protecting international shipping in the Red Sea.
  • The US believes Israel is taking the investigation into the Gaza events seriously, and there have been instances in the past where Israel has honestly investigated and acknowledged mistakes.
  • The US will continue to supply weapons to Israel to help them defend themselves.
  • The US reiterates that Israel is a sovereign country, and the US does not dictate terms to other sovereign countries.

COVID-19 Pandemic


  • President Biden visited the Texas border to discuss operational realities and the need for additional resources with border patrol and immigration officials.
  • The administration is evaluating options for addressing the situation at the border, including potential executive actions, but no decisions have been made yet.
  • Vice President Harris will travel to Selma, Alabama, this weekend and is expected to speak about reproductive rights.


  • The President and Prime Minister Maloney of Malta discussed the ongoing war in Ukraine and the importance of continued US assistance to Ukraine during their meeting.

Drug Pricing

  • The Inflation Reduction Act allows Medicare to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to lower drug costs for Americans, which the President sees as a significant achievement.
  • The White House has been encouraging pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens to apply for certification to dispense mifepristone, a medication used for medical abortions.

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