Ep. 23, Human Behavior and Sustainability Conference

Ep. 23, Human Behavior and Sustainability Conference

Conference on Human Behavior and Environmental Sustainability

  • The Stanford University conference brought together scholars from various social science disciplines to address sustainability issues and foster collaboration among faculty and researchers.
  • One key takeaway was the need for diverse perspectives and expertise to tackle complex sustainability challenges.

Research Presentations

  • Alexandra Heene from UC San Diego presented research on valley fever, a growing health threat in California's Central Valley due to climate change.
  • Desiree Labau presented a study on the impact of climate change on mosquito populations and a successful mosquito elimination program involving schoolchildren in Grenada.

Mental Health Impacts of Climate Change

  • The conference highlighted the mental health consequences of climate change, emphasizing the need for further research and collaboration in this area.
  • Young people, in particular, may feel hopeless about the situation, making it crucial to address their mental well-being.
  • Taking action to address climate change, even in small ways, can improve mental health by providing a sense of empowerment and purpose.
  • Finding a balance between staying informed and taking breaks from overwhelming news is important for maintaining mental well-being.

Addressing Climate Change

  • While individual consumer actions are important, systemic changes in production and consumption are necessary to effectively address climate change.
  • The Stanford Initiative on Business and Environmental Sustainability podcast showcases inspiring work by faculty and researchers, helping counter feelings of guilt and hopelessness.

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