Information Session for Stanford Online Product Management Courses

Information Session for Stanford Online Product Management Courses

This YouTube video is a recorded information session about Stanford University's product management programs. The session is led by Liz Cao, who is in charge of product management programs on the professional education side, and Pax Hehmeyer, who is the director of academic programs at Stanford Online.

The video provides an overview of the different offerings in product management at Stanford Online, including free content, professional educational offerings, and academic credit offerings. Here are some key points:

  • Stanford Online offers a variety of free content, including webinars and teaching team videos, which are available on their website and YouTube channel.
  • The professional educational offerings include individual courses, an all-access plan, and a product management accelerator program.
  • The individual courses are self-paced and can be taken individually or combined into the all-access plan. Completing four individual courses or the all-access plan earns a certificate.
  • The product management accelerator program is a 10-week cohort experience that combines the content from the individual courses with a group project and coaching support.
  • Stanford also offers credit-bearing courses, which are the same courses taught to on-campus students. These courses require an application and have specific start and end dates.
  • The credit-bearing courses in product management include an introduction to product management and product management fundamentals.
  • The courses focus on technology product management, but the principles learned can apply to other fields as well.
  • The group projects in the professional program and the credit-bearing courses allow for peer-to-peer interaction and collaboration.
  • The application deadline for the credit-bearing courses is December 8, and the start date is around January 8.

Overall, Stanford Online provides a range of options for individuals interested in product management, from free content to self-paced individual courses to cohort-based programs with group projects and coaching support.

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