Information Session: Leading People, Culture, and Innovation Program

Information Session: Leading People, Culture, and Innovation Program

Program Overview

  • The Leading People, Culture, and Innovation program offers a certificate of achievement from Stanford University upon completion.
  • The program is online, self-paced, and can be completed in three months by dedicating five hours per week.
  • Participants can customize their learning experience by choosing two out of four optional courses, in addition to two required courses.
  • The program features accomplished Stanford faculty who are passionate educators and industry experts.
  • Each successfully completed course results in a record of completion, which can be printed, framed, or added to a LinkedIn profile.
  • The program takes 40 to 48 hours to complete and provides access to all six courses for one year with the all-access plan.

Program Structure

  • The program consists of four courses:
    • Leading People and Teams
    • Leading Organizational Culture
    • Leading Innovation
    • Getting Buy-in for Your Ideas
  • All courses except "Getting Buy-in for Your Ideas" are priced at $9.95, while "Getting Buy-in for Your Ideas" costs $765.
  • The all-access plan, which provides access to all six courses, costs $3,975.
  • The certificate course hours cannot be applied towards a degree as they are non-degree courses.

Program Benefits

  • The program is designed for managers who want to become effective leaders by learning subtle skills that set them apart.
  • Examples of how peers have applied the learnings from the courses in their professional roles are shared.
  • The courses are research-based training from Stanford with industry examples baked in, featuring interviews with executives and professionals.
  • The program is applicable for managers in healthcare as the principles taught are foundational and can be applied across industries.
  • Flexibility is highlighted as a key factor in achieving goals, allowing learners to fit learning into their schedules with asynchronous materials and pre-recorded lectures.
  • People pursue the certificate for various reasons, such as acquiring new skills, showcasing their accomplishments to employers or on platforms like LinkedIn, and enhancing their professional development.

Program Delivery

  • There is no direct interaction with the faculty members, as the courses are pre-recorded and self-paced.
  • The courses are entirely online, making them accessible to learners from anywhere in the world.
  • Group discounts are available for companies enrolling multiple employees.

Additional Information

  • Stanford offers a wide range of online courses beyond the specific program discussed.
  • While the program itself is online, there is an in-person awarding ceremony held annually for certificate recipients.
  • The interviews featured in the courses come from a diverse range of industries, including startups, tech companies, and established organizations.

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