Information Session: Stanford Graduate Degrees, Certificates, and Courses I 2024

Information Session: Stanford Graduate Degrees, Certificates, and Courses I 2024

Non-Degree Program

  • Offers flexible learning options for working professionals.
  • Allows students to enroll part-time, take courses at their own pace, and pause or take breaks as needed.
  • Application requirements:
    • Undergraduate degree.
    • Official university transcripts and identification.
    • Brief statement of purpose.
    • Meet course and department prerequisite requirements.
  • Earn a B or better to continue taking courses.
  • Up to three years to complete a graduate certificate.
  • Accredited non-degree graduate certificate from Stanford University.
  • No recommendation letter or GRE required for the graduate certificate program.
  • Individual courses do not require recommendation letters, only academic transcripts.
  • Credits earned can be applied towards a master's degree in the same field.
  • Open to anyone who meets the prerequisites, regardless of age.
  • Not a backdoor into the master's degree program but provides an opportunity to earn a Stanford transcript and demonstrate academic ability.
  • No limit on the number of students accepted, except for popular courses with enrollment caps.

Master's Degree

  • Part-time and online Master's degrees available in the School of Engineering.
  • Same classes as on-campus students, recorded for online students.
  • Application information available on the department's website.
  • Not all courses offered at Stanford are available online for master's degrees.
  • HCP (High-Tech Credential Program) no longer requires company sponsorship.
  • Scholarships and financial assistance available for the master's degree program.

Tuition Fees

  • Non-degree program: $1,456 per academic credit.
  • Typical 4-unit course costs $5,824.
  • Graduate certificate cost varies depending on the courses taken.

Graduate Certificate

  • Subsets of courses in a certain discipline that can lead to a credential.
  • Requires students to maintain a B or better in all courses.
  • Must be completed within three years.
  • Credits earned can be applied towards a Stanford engineering master's degree if admitted to the program.
  • No recommendation letter or GRE required.

Part-Time Master's Degree Program

  • Honors Cooperative Program (HCP) is a part-time master's degree program with the same application process as the full-time degree program.
  • As a part-time student in the HCP, individuals have the rights and privileges of a full-time student and can attend classes, lectures, and office hours in person or online.

Additional Information

  • Free materials, including course lectures and materials, are available on the Stanford Online YouTube channel and public-facing course websites.
  • Stanford offers online orientations and quarterly social mixers to help online students connect with other students and find support.
  • The School of Engineering offers non-degree courses and certificates in collaboration with the School of Medicine, including an Epidemiology Certificate and a Biomedical Data Science Certificate.
  • More information and upcoming informational sessions can be found on the Stanford Engineering website and YouTube channel.

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