Stanford Seminar - Improving Robotic Dexterity with Optical Tactile Sensor DenseTact

Stanford Seminar - Improving Robotic Dexterity with Optical Tactile Sensor DenseTact

DanceTech Sensor and Compliant Gripper

  • The DanceTech sensor is a soft optical tactile sensor that can estimate the shape and force of grasped objects.
  • A compliant gripper using the DanceTech sensor enables stable grasping of small objects in cluttered environments.
  • An interfinger manipulation controller is developed using tactile feedback from the DanceTech sensor, allowing for in-hand orientation of grasped objects.

T-Tech Mini Sensor

  • The T-Tech Mini sensor is a new sensor for grasping and classifying small objects, including those as small as 1 mm, from flat surfaces.
  • The T-Tech Mini sensor features a smaller size, a faster frame rate camera, and an attachable/detachable fingernail design, allowing for various fingertip materials to be used.
  • The sensor utilizes three different strategies for grasping: T-grasping, fingernail grasping, and fingertip grasping.
  • The T-Tech Mini sensor achieved a high grasping success rate of over 90% for various objects.

Object Classification

  • The final step of object classification is achieved by estimating the depth from the DanceTech sensor and using DB scan to clusterize the detected objects.

Key Takeaways

  • The T-Tech Mini sensor can grasp, classify, and reorient objects in controlled environments by upgrading hardware and utilizing surface interaction forces and fingernail designs.
  • The impact that occurs when grasping an object can be used to estimate the force of the sensor.
  • Historical input is important for complicated motions as it provides more information about the object's condition.
  • A single camera is used for detecting the object.
  • The distance between the operator and the object can be estimated using the best camera.
  • The orientation of the tiny object can be done with the simple Jai controller by setting the state of the controller and selecting the object as a minimizing the data AB from the tech feedback.

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