Building EV charging infrastructure that lasts with Louis Tremblay from FLO

Building EV charging infrastructure that lasts with Louis Tremblay from FLO

Flo Company Overview

  • Flo is a company that manufactures EV charging stations for public charging spots and homes.
  • Flo was founded in 2009 with the mission of accelerating EV adoption by providing the best charging experience.
  • Flo has deployed over 100,000 chargers in North America and is the dominant player in Canada.
  • Flo recently launched its new X Series of products, which includes three products that meet the needs of 100% of consumers.
  • Flo's Ultra charger can charge 80% of a battery pack in 15 minutes.
  • Flo focuses on providing a reliable charging experience with 99% uptime.
  • Flo has been in the EV charging business for 15 years and has deployed billions of dollars in infrastructure.
  • Flo has a manufacturing plant in Canada and one in Michigan, and it ships around 5,000 to 8,000 chargers every month.

Challenges and Opportunities in the EV Charging Industry

  • Fundraising was challenging in the early days when the EV market was not as popular, but it became easier in recent years.
  • Flow is cash-efficient and has raised substantial venture funding.
  • The company operates in both the US and Canada and must comply with different regulations in each jurisdiction.
  • Flow works collaboratively with governments, utilities, and OEMs to support the transition to EVs.
  • The EU's decision to mandate a universal charger for Apple devices inspired the idea of a universal EV charger.
  • The industry has largely adopted the Tesla charging standard, and Flow expects to have a single, compatible charging cord within the next three years.
  • Flow's vertical integration allows it to make changes to its charging stations relatively easily.

Louis Tremblay's Entrepreneurial Journey

  • Louis Tremblay, CEO of FLO, shares his entrepreneurial journey and the growth of the company.
  • He emphasizes the importance of building a strong company culture that values collaboration, performance, and sustainability.
  • Tremblay highlights the significance of surrounding oneself with passionate people who are willing to work hard and make sacrifices to achieve their goals.
  • He advises entrepreneurs to focus on solving real problems, learn from their mistakes, and start their ventures with great people.
  • Tremblay reflects on his early entrepreneurial experiences, including starting a snowboard clothing business at the age of 11.
  • He discusses the challenges of navigating regulatory hurdles and policy changes in the electric vehicle charging industry.

Concerns and Considerations in EV Charging Infrastructure

  • The speaker discusses the growth of the electric vehicle (EV) market and how it is becoming more accessible to consumers.
  • The speaker highlights the importance of curbside chargers in cities like New York and the challenges of setting them up due to regulations and bureaucracy.
  • The speaker explains how their company uses data to locate chargers in profitable locations and ensure a return on investment.
  • The speaker addresses concerns about the aesthetics of chargers in certain neighborhoods and how they adapt their designs to meet local requirements.
  • The speaker emphasizes the amount of data collected from EVs and chargers and how it is used to improve products and services while complying with privacy and cybersecurity regulations.

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