Creating a Global Payment Network with Hiroki Takeuchi (GoCardless)

Creating a Global Payment Network with Hiroki Takeuchi (GoCardless)


  • GoCardless is a fintech company that enables businesses to collect recurring payments via direct debit mechanisms.
  • Direct debit is a powerful payment method for recurring business models like subscriptions, invoicing, and usage-based models.
  • GoCardless has established a global network that connects direct debit systems from over 30 countries, covering 70% of recurring payment volume globally.
  • The company has grown significantly, from 100 employees to 400 employees in the past three years.
  • GoCardless has raised $75 million in funding and processes billions of dollars in transactions annually.
  • GoCardless aims to become the "Visa of direct debits," offering lower fees compared to card payments due to the reduced number of intermediaries involved in direct debit systems.
  • The partnership with TransferWise enables GoCardless to offer currency conversion capabilities, allowing businesses to collect payments from anywhere in the world without worrying about currency exchange.


  • Chargebee is a fintech company that focuses solely on recurring business models.
  • Chargebee believes that by focusing on recurring payments, they can build a unique and best-in-class solution.
  • Chargebee has no plans to expand into card payments like Stripe.

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