Don't expect IPOs from these startups in 2024 | Equity Podcast

Don't expect IPOs from these startups in 2024 | Equity Podcast

Elon Musk's New AI Startup, XAI

  • Elon Musk's new AI startup, XAI, has raised $6 billion at a pre-money valuation of $18 billion from investors including Valor, a16z, and Sequoia.
  • Despite Musk's history of failed ventures and Twitter's underperformance, investors continue to support his endeavors due to his reputation and past successes.
  • The overlap between Twitter and XAI investors raises questions about their motivations.

Solutions by Text

  • Solutions by Text, a bootstrapped company for over a decade, has secured $110 million in funding, a mix of primary and secondary shares, with some debt.
  • The company provides a convenient way to pay bills and apply for loans via text messaging, capitalizing on the ease and effectiveness of text communication.
  • Solutions by Text's compliance record and growing customer base, including eBay, demonstrate its potential in the market.

Fintech Innovations and Challenges

  • A new fintech company allows users to pay bills directly through text messages, highlighting the potential of text-based financial services.
  • Concerns are raised about the current state of the banking system in the US compared to more efficient systems in other countries.
  • WeatherXM, a web3 weather data company, uses blockchain technology to incentivize people to collect and share local weather data, improving weather forecasting and disaster prevention, especially in rural areas.
  • The ongoing issues with Synapse, a banking-as-a-service provider that filed for bankruptcy, are causing problems for many fintechs and consumers.
  • Synapse's shutdown has negatively impacted several companies that relied on its services, including Copper and Mercury, with reports of users being unable to access their funds.
  • The incident raises concerns about the reliability of fintech companies and the need for clearer regulations and compliance standards.
  • The collapse of Synapse highlights the importance of fintech companies maintaining high operational and compliance standards to protect consumers.
  • The FDIC insurance coverage for funds held by fintech companies using third-party banks remains unclear, leading to confusion among consumers.
  • The opaque nature of banking relationships involving multiple intermediaries makes it challenging for consumers to understand who is responsible for their funds.
  • The incident serves as a cautionary tale about the potential risks associated with fintech companies and the need for increased transparency and regulation.

IPO Market Outlook

  • Despite a positive start to the year with successful IPOs, the overall outlook for IPOs in 2024 remains uncertain due to factors such as the election year and ongoing macro-economic conditions.
  • Several highly anticipated companies, including Plaid, Stripe, Figma, Data Bricks, and Canva, have indicated that their IPOs are unlikely to occur in 2024 and may be delayed until 2025 or later.
  • The IPO market is tapering off, with companies like Stripe, Plaid, and Figma unlikely to go public this year.
  • The upcoming US election is creating uncertainty, which is causing companies to delay their IPO plans.
  • Waiting to see how other companies perform after their IPOs could also be a factor in the delay.
  • The lack of IPO activity is impacting the investment landscape, making it harder for startups to raise capital.
  • The slowdown in IPOs and M&A activity is having a ripple effect on the entire tech industry.

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