Peering into the 'Series A chasm' with Everywhere Ventures' Jenny Fielding | Equity Podcast

Peering into the 'Series A chasm' with Everywhere Ventures' Jenny Fielding | Equity Podcast

Challenges in Raising Series A Funding

  • Increased funding requirements and higher growth expectations from investors have made it more difficult for startups to secure Series A funding.
  • The bar for ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) has risen from $1 million to $3 million, and investors expect aggressive growth rates such as 30% month-over-month or 15% week-over-week.
  • The time to reach Series A has also increased, with startups now spending an average of five and a half years from inception to securing Series A funding.
  • The Series A chasm is driven by several factors, including pressure on Series A funds to return capital in a challenging exit environment and reduced liquidity in the market due to the lack of IPOs.
  • As a result, Series A funds are doing fewer deals, with the number of investments cut by about a third across the board.

Emerging Manager Challenges

  • Institutional Limited Partners (LPs) are shifting their investment focus away from Venture Capital (VC) due to the high-risk profile and availability of other investment opportunities with better returns.
  • The emerging manager landscape is facing challenges as institutional investors prioritize established names over emerging managers, despite data showing that emerging managers outperform.

Advice for Founders

  • Founders are advised to understand their metrics, act swiftly to control costs, and continuously network with investors to navigate the funding challenges.
  • The paradigm has shifted from growth at all costs to a focus on operational efficiency and sustainable growth.
  • Despite the challenging fundraising environment, there's still $300 billion on the sidelines, and many pre-seed and seed deals are getting done.
  • Founders should focus on growth, efficiency, and understanding the "rip cord" if needed.

About the Guest

  • Jenny Fielding is the co-founder and managing partner at Every Every Ventures.
  • Her Twitter handle is @jfielding.

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