Scaling the freemium model with Linktree's Alex Zaccaria | Found Podcast

Scaling the freemium model with Linktree's Alex Zaccaria | Found Podcast

Linktree's Background and Growth:

  • Linktree was founded in 2016 as a solution for artists and creators to manage multiple revenue streams and link to them from social media profiles.
  • It started as a bootstrapped side hustle to a digital agency specializing in music and entertainment.
  • Linktree's growth is driven by its valuable service to creators and businesses in managing multiple links and tracking analytics in one place.
  • The company's premium version offers additional features like removing the Linktree logo, enhanced analytics, and more customization options.

Linktree's Monetization and Funding:

  • Linktree is exploring e-commerce monetization by considering a commission on sales generated through links to products on platforms like Etsy and Shopify.
  • The company has raised $165 million in funding over three rounds and has a valuation of $1.3 billion.

Linktree's User Base and Team:

  • Linktree has over 48 million users and sees about 40,000 signups per day.
  • The company is profitable and sustainable, with a team of 60 employees, 60% based in Australia and 40% in the US.
  • Linktree plans to expand its team to have a more even distribution between Australia, the US, and Europe.

Linktree's Future Plans and Focus:

  • Linktree aims to become a ubiquitous platform for self-expression, with a vision of reaching billions of users.
  • The company plans to focus on empowering creators, brands, and businesses to drive commerce through its platform, seeing creators as the storefront of the future.
  • Linktree is exploring further developments in e-commerce and creator enablement.
  • The platform is exploring AI-powered features to assist creators in personalizing their Linktree pages and generating design recommendations.
  • Linktree is expanding its B2B offerings to enable brands to collaborate with creators and facilitate product sales.

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