What we've learned from the women behind the AI revolution | Equity Podcast

What we've learned from the women behind the AI revolution | Equity Podcast

Women in AI Interview Series

  • Dominic Madori Davis and Kyle Wiggers of TechCrunch launched an interview series highlighting women in AI, inspired by a New York Times article that overlooked their contributions.
  • Recommendations from women in the AI space helped identify interviewees who have been underrepresented in the media.

Underrepresentation of Women in AI

  • A 2021 Stanford study revealed that only 16% of tenure-track AI faculty are women, and a World Economic Forum study found that only 26% of analytics-related AI positions are held by women.
  • Factors contributing to this underrepresentation include media bias, historical disregard for women in academia, research, funding, entrepreneurship, and tech, as well as the lack of female mentors.

Women in Academia and AI Research

  • Women in academia play crucial roles in AI research, serve as role models for young women interested in the field, and contribute to building the next generation of AI experts.
  • Their research is essential for developing policies, legislation, and training algorithms that consider intersectional perspectives and address the needs of all people.

AI Regulation

  • The EU's AI Act and other data regulations have impacted the AI industry, while the US has seen slower progress in AI regulation.
  • Some progress has been made, but the pace may not be sufficient for some.

Challenges and Encouragement for Women in AI

  • Women in AI face challenges and discouragement in the male-dominated field, but they are encouraged to persist and assert themselves.
  • There has been an increase in VC funding for women-founded AI startups, but it remains a small portion of the total VC funding in AI.

Notable Women in AI

  • Allison Wolf from Vibrate Planet is using AI for wildfire management technology.
  • Kathy Vidal, the director of the patent office, will share her unique background and insights on AI in an upcoming interview.

Podcast Information

  • The podcast "Found," hosted by Dom, can be found on Apple Podcasts or through Dom's byline.
  • The Equity podcast is available on X and Threads, while the entire TechCrunch podcast network can be found on TikTok.
  • Listeners can suggest names for future interviews through email, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Mastodon.

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