Will We Pay For Social Media? with Hovhannes Avoyan (PicsArt)

Will We Pay For Social Media? with Hovhannes Avoyan (PicsArt)

Picsart's Success

  • Despite the belief that people are unwilling to pay for social media, Picsart, a photo editing app, has achieved remarkable success with 140 million active users and 700 million installs.
  • Contrary to expectations, Picsart's growth accelerated after transitioning to a subscription model.
  • The company prioritizes optimizing its product for users rather than advertisers, leading to increased user satisfaction and growth.
  • Picsart strategically decides which features to make free or premium based on their potential to go viral and contribute to growth.
  • The company is not yet profitable but has control over its destiny and can become profitable if desired.

Hovhannes Avoyan's Advice for Entrepreneurs

  • Develop coding skills or find a good technical co-founder.
  • Understand the problem being solved.
  • Master marketing and distribution strategies.

Picsart's Collaboration with Kim Kardashian

Pixar's Success in China

  • Pixar has 15 million users in China, successfully entering the market by replacing pirated versions of its app.
  • The company focuses on being a safe platform for kids and Gen Z users, using AI for content moderation.
  • Pixar has not faced issues with Chinese censors but uses third-party vendors in China for content moderation.

Potential for Premium Social Media Platforms

  • The speaker suggests the possibility of premium versions of social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, offering ad-free browsing and advanced features.
  • A small percentage of users converting to a paid subscription could generate significant revenue for these platforms.
  • Premium features could reduce social media companies' reliance on surveillance and data collection, giving users more control over their data.
  • Some users may not be willing to pay for a premium subscription, but the potential revenue from even a small percentage of users could be substantial.


  • The speaker congratulates the team behind the video platform for their success in creating a premium social network and for their efforts to promote self-expression and body positivity.

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