Ideas Change Everything — and What’s Next for TED | Chris Anderson and Monique Ruff-Bell | TED

Ideas Change Everything — and What’s Next for TED | Chris Anderson and Monique Ruff-Bell | TED

TED's 40th Anniversary

  • TED is celebrating its 40th anniversary, reflecting on its journey since its inception in 1984.
  • Despite the pessimism surrounding George Orwell's "1984," TED's founders saw technology's potential for positive impact.

Evolution of Content Consumption

  • The rise of the internet and social media has changed how people consume content, leading TED to emphasize the importance of its content.
  • TED's new tagline, "ideas change everything," reflects its belief in the power of ideas to make a difference.

Facilitating Respectful Debates

  • TED is introducing a debate format to explore complex ideas and disagreements respectfully.
  • As a non-profit, nonpartisan organization, TED believes it is well-positioned to facilitate these debates.

Connecting with the Next Generation

  • TED aims to connect with the next generation, who are deeply idealistic and want to make a positive impact on the world.
  • The younger generation seeks fresh ideas and innovative ways to share those ideas, as they are fearful about the future and dissatisfied with materialism.
  • TED is evolving its storytelling to adapt to the shorter attention spans and preferences of the younger generation.

Supporting Social Entrepreneurs

  • TED believes that ideas are the biggest driver of impact and is committed to supporting social entrepreneurs through the Audacious Project.
  • The Audacious Project provides funding and support to social entrepreneurs with ambitious dreams that tackle systemic issues.
  • Through the Audacious Project, TED has raised over a billion dollars for 10 different projects, providing them with multi-year funding to achieve their goals.

TED's Future

  • TED has been a positive cycle of changing the world one idea at a time for 40 years and needs to be prepared for the next generation to carry it forward.
  • Letting go and trusting others has led to unexpected global phenomena like TEDx.
  • The future of TED involves letting the incredible community shape its history and being amazed by their imagination.

Appreciation and Gratitude

  • Monique appreciates Chris's sharing and looks forward to the next 40 years of TED.
  • Chris thanks Monique for her contributions to the TED team.

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