2044: Hello from the Future | 2044: أهلاً من المستقبل | Rakan Aleidi | TEDxKingSaudUniversity

2044: Hello from the Future | 2044: أهلاً من المستقبل | Rakan Aleidi | TEDxKingSaudUniversity

Rakan Al-Aidi's Claims

  • Rakan Al-Aidi claims to be a time traveler from the year 2044.
  • He describes a limited time-traveling device with a 30-minute travel time and an 18-minute return trip due to traffic congestion.

Saudi Arabia's Progress

  • Saudi Arabia has made significant advancements, becoming the fourth strongest economy globally under King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud's leadership.
  • Transportation has evolved with the use of holocars and holograms, eliminating traffic and pollution.

Rakan's Advice to His Younger Self

  • Rakan addresses his 20-year-old self, a recent engineering graduate from the University of Petroleum and Minerals employed at Saudi Aramco.
  • He reassures him that the next 20 years will bring positive changes and growth, urging him not to worry about future uncertainties.

Rakan's Career Journey

  • Rakan reflects on his transition from student life to the professional world, highlighting the challenges and concerns faced by a fresh graduate.
  • He expresses dissatisfaction with the irrelevance of much of the material he learned in college and the pressure to succeed academically and professionally.
  • He imagines a successful but unfulfilling career and decides to resign from his job to pursue an MBA in Australia, aiming to become an entrepreneur.
  • Despite doubts about the practical applications of his studies, he embraces the opportunity to learn and experience new things.

Rakan's Success after Studying Abroad

  • After returning from Australia, Rakan was chosen as a city ambassador and gained valuable experiences traveling the world and meeting important figures.
  • He landed a high-paying job as a director at an American institution in Saudi Arabia, exceeding his expectations.
  • Within two years, he achieved recognition as an influential figure in entrepreneurship, with two ministers attending the institution's launch event.
  • He became well-known in Saudi Arabia, appearing on magazine covers, participating in TV shows, and giving speeches nationwide.
  • His expertise led to international speaking engagements in cities like London, New York, and San Francisco, including an invitation to the G20 summit in Saudi Arabia.
  • He received an offer from a Silicon Valley startup called 5H to work as an investment manager, learning from world-class investors and entrepreneurs.

Personal Challenges and Resilience

  • Despite his success, Rakan faced personal challenges, including the separation from his wife six months after the birth of their son.
  • He reflects on his past failures and successes, including failed marriages and business ventures, but remains resilient and determined to succeed.
  • He recognizes that life is not a straight line but a series of ups and downs, and these challenges are essential for growth and progress.

Rakan's Definition of Success

  • Rakan challenges the traditional notion of success as a pyramid, arguing that it is not limited to those at the top but is rather a personal journey with a unique definition for each individual.
  • He suggests that the key to success lies in three elements: knowledge, experience, and relationships.
  • Knowledge should be continuously expanded through further education and learning.
  • Experience is gained through various jobs and challenges, helping individuals grow and develop.
  • Relationships provide support and opportunities for collaboration, playing a crucial role in personal and professional growth.

Making the Most of Life

  • Rakan emphasizes the importance of making the most of the time available and living a fulfilling life.
  • He encourages individuals to set goals and live each day to the fullest, considering the average lifespan of around 65 years.


  • Rakan concludes by expressing hope for everyone's success and invites them to visit him in 2044 if they are still alive.

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