3 vulnerable life lessons | Shantanu Naidu | TEDxDJSCE

3 vulnerable life lessons | Shantanu Naidu | TEDxDJSCE

Destiny and Opportunity

  • Destiny does not specifically care about individuals and does not script their lives.
  • To increase the chances of being in the right place at the right time, one should expose themselves to many experiences and situations.

Recognizing Limitations and Taking Action

  • Not all ideas or projects are meant to be pursued.
  • It's important to recognize when something is not a good fit and to let it go.
  • To shape one's future, it's necessary to take action and create opportunities.

Executing Ideas and Seeking Feedback

  • Executing ideas is more important than just talking about them.
  • Fear of failure may be a subconscious reason for not executing ideas.
  • Seek feedback from the real world rather than relying solely on friends' opinions.

Embracing Individuality and Joy

  • Everyone's experiences are unique, and there is no single source of absolute truth.
  • Find your own truths and don't be discouraged by contradictory experiences.
  • Joy is not necessarily found in achieving startup success; enjoy the journey and the relationships formed along the way.

Preserving Memories and Showing Appreciation

  • Preserve memories and experiences, even if they don't lead to immediate success.
  • Talent and ideas will always surface and don't need to be chased.
  • Show love and appreciation to co-founders, employees, colleagues, and family.

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