A Better Future | Lucas Kurniawan | TEDxTzu Chi School Youth

A Better Future | Lucas Kurniawan | TEDxTzu Chi School Youth
  • Sustainability is a dynamic discussion involving various perspectives from different sectors.
  • The speaker shares their experience in the agri-business sector and their journey towards sustainability.
  • Sustainability encompasses three pillars: Planet, People, and Profit.
  • Respect for the environment includes balancing the ecosystem and minimizing the excessive use of chemical interventions.
  • Water conservation and efficient water usage are crucial for sustainability.
  • Implementing a circular economy in the agri-business sector involves utilizing waste products and promoting organic fertilizer.
  • Respect for people includes valuing family, community engagement, and responsible consumption.
  • Profit is essential for sustainability as it provides resources for environmental and social initiatives.
  • Governance plays a vital role in ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Sustainability requires a balanced approach, considering the impact of actions and providing alternatives for affected communities.
  • Sustainability is a collective journey that involves learning, sharing, and adapting to changing standards.
  • Each individual should determine their values and take sustainable actions that align with their beliefs.

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