A menina que conversava com o lixo | Leonice Silva | TEDxSalvador Women

A menina que conversava com o lixo | Leonice Silva | TEDxSalvador Women


  • Tata grew up in poverty in Camaçari, Brazil, and faced bullying due to her family's situation.
  • To cope, she created an imaginary world and found solace in collecting and recycling trash.
  • Through recycling, she was able to provide for herself and her family, gaining a sense of dignity and respect.
  • Despite challenges and trauma, including abuse and the loss of her father, Tata remained resilient and determined to improve her life.
  • She eventually found success as an entrepreneur and now employs others, using her past experiences as motivation to make a positive impact on society.


  • Leonice's success story involves transforming her life through waste management and recycling.
  • She managed to buy a house in a single day through her hard work and dedication.
  • Leonice emphasizes the potential and value hidden within waste, viewing it as an opportunity rather than a burden.
  • She highlights the significant role of women, particularly black women, in waste collection and recycling efforts.
  • Leonice experienced a personal transformation through recycling, overcoming emotional challenges and breaking free from poverty.
  • During the pandemic, she achieved success in a male-dominated field by dismantling a car assembly plant, earning the title of "Queen of Scrap."
  • Leonice's journey showcases the transformative power of recycling and waste management, leading to personal growth, financial stability, and opportunities for her family.

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