Achieve More by Understanding Leverage and Compound Growth | Chi T. Phan | TEDxLe Loi Street

Achieve More by Understanding Leverage and Compound Growth | Chi T. Phan | TEDxLe Loi Street

Focusing on Valuable Work

  • Hard work alone is not enough for success; it's also important to focus on valuable work that can make a significant impact.
  • The value of a problem is determined by supply and demand: the more people are willing to pay to solve a problem, the more valuable the solution becomes.
  • The impact of a solution is also important: decisions that affect large organizations or have a broad reach are more valuable than those that affect smaller groups or have a limited impact.

Positioning for Impactful Work

  • To position oneself for impactful work, it's important to choose the right things to focus on and acquire valuable skills that can be used to solve bigger problems.
  • The concept of "buying back time" involves using money to save time and invest in personal development and skill improvement.
  • Leverage, such as education, reputation, and network, can magnify results multiple times with the same amount of input.

The Power of Consistency and Leverage

  • Consistency in personal growth over the long term is crucial.
  • Even a small difference in growth rate can lead to significant disparities over time.
  • Leverage, such as achievements or money, has an expiration date and must be continuously refreshed to maintain its effectiveness.

Measuring Growth and Catching Up

  • Setting goals is useful for motivation but not a reliable measure of personal development.
  • Measuring growth through self-reflection is more accurate and provides a sense of progress.
  • Compounding growth takes care of itself when one focuses on acquiring and utilizing leverage.
  • Catching up with others is possible through consistent growth and self-awareness.

The Power of Belief

  • The quote "Whether you think you can or you cannot, you are right" emphasizes the power of belief in one's abilities.

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