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Akustik Performans | İkiye On Kala | TEDxErciyesKoleji

Mustafa Sandal's "Olmuyor Böyle" Music Video

  • The music video for Mustafa Sandal's song "Olmuyor Böyle" features various scenes of people in different situations, including a couple dancing, friends having fun, and a person walking alone in the city.
  • Behind-the-scenes footage of Mustafa Sandal recording the song in a studio is also included.
  • The video ends with Mustafa Sandal thanking his fans and expressing his appreciation for their support.

Song Lyrics and Emotions

  • The lyrics express feelings of longing, love, and a desire to be with someone special.
  • The singer conveys a range of emotions, including happiness, sadness, and longing.
  • They describe feeling lost and disconnected, like they've lost their way.
  • They profess their love for someone but feel misunderstood and frustrated.
  • The singer reflects on their past and present, expressing regret and a desire to change things.
  • They plead with the person they love to return to them and save them from their emotional turmoil.
  • The song ends with the singer repeating their plea and expressing their gratitude.

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