Anlıyorum Ama Konuşamıyorum? Çözüm! | Çilem Akar | TEDxBeşkaza Meydanı Youth

Anlıyorum Ama Konuşamıyorum? Çözüm! | Çilem Akar | TEDxBeşkaza Meydanı Youth

Understanding the Problem

  • The speaker introduces the common issue in Turkey of understanding English but not being able to speak it.
  • They highlight the importance of understanding the problem before finding a solution.
  • The education system in Turkey focuses on grammar and teacher-centered learning, which hinders productive language learning.
  • The education system often emphasizes avoiding mistakes, leading to a fear of making errors and speaking anxiety.
  • Dr. Stephen Krashen's Affective Filter Hypothesis suggests that anxiety acts as a barrier to language production.

Factors Affecting Language Learning

  • Cultural factors in Turkish society, such as a focus on following instructions rather than self-directed learning, hinder autonomous language learning.
  • Intrinsic motivation is more powerful than extrinsic motivation, and autonomous learning involves taking responsibility for one's own learning.

Roadmap to Learning English

  • The speaker proposes a roadmap with three stops: understanding why we understand but can't speak, becoming a good language learner, and sharing six tips for learning a language within 36 months.

Tips for Effective Language Learning

  • Set specific and limited goals for language learning.
  • View language as a tool for communication rather than an end in itself.
  • Focus on the essential vocabulary and grammar needed for daily communication.
  • Treat language learning as an exercise and ensure daily exposure to the language.
  • Focus on understanding the meaning rather than getting caught up on individual words.
  • Embrace mistakes and learn from them.
  • Learn practical words and phrases that are useful for everyday conversations.
  • Create a toolbox of essential sentences and expressions.
  • Have a language partner, preferably a native speaker, to practice speaking English.
  • Think in English rather than translating from Turkish.
  • Use visuals and images to help remember English words and phrases.
  • Learn English through patterns and templates rather than solely focusing on grammar.

Additional Resources

  • The speaker mentions their book, which provides more detailed explanations and examples of the concepts discussed in the video.
  • They also mention upcoming projects and encourage viewers to stay tuned for more content.

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