Beyond Boundaries: Charting Pakistan's Entrepreneurial Future | Majyd Aziz | TEDxDIHE

Beyond Boundaries: Charting Pakistan's Entrepreneurial Future | Majyd Aziz | TEDxDIHE

Pakistan's Challenges and Unity

  • The speaker discusses the complex political, economic, and border issues in Pakistan, emphasizing the need for collective action to address these challenges.
  • They stress the importance of unity and collaboration in navigating difficult times and draw inspiration from the indomitable human spirit to find collective solutions.

Supporting People with Disabilities

  • The speaker highlights the importance of supporting people with disabilities and shares initiatives undertaken by the Pakistan Business Disability Network to raise awareness, sensitize employers, and promote their inclusion in the workforce.
  • They provide examples of individuals with disabilities who have achieved success despite their challenges, demonstrating their potential and the need to provide them with opportunities.

National Skills Passport Initiative

  • The speaker introduces the National Skills Passport initiative, a QR code-based digital credential that recognizes the skills and experience of informal workers, enhancing their employability and mobility.
  • They praise the concept of an inclusive society and the National Skills Passport initiative.

Pakistan's Prosperity and Success

  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of Pakistan's prosperity, harmony, and success.
  • They quote Mahatma Gandhi, stating the need to be the change one wishes to see in the world.
  • They express confidence in Pakistan's abilities, saying, "When no one can do it, Pakistan can."
  • They prioritize Pakistan's interests above all else, declaring, "It is always Pakistan first."

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