Building a Sustainable Business | Sherif Eid | TEDxMaadi

Building a Sustainable Business | Sherif Eid | TEDxMaadi

Starting a Business

  • Many businesses fail within the first few years due to lack of experience and poor planning.
  • Gaining work experience and conducting thorough market research and feasibility studies are crucial before starting a business.
  • Feedback from potential customers is more valuable than input from friends or family.

Competitive Advantage

  • A competitive advantage is a unique selling point that distinguishes a product or service from competitors.
  • Not all products require a competitive advantage, but consistency in quality and a strong warranty can be effective strategies.
  • Diversifying income sources can be risky, especially during economic downturns, as non-essential products are often the first to be sacrificed.
  • Seasonal factors like extreme weather can also significantly impact businesses.

Business Planning and Financial Management

  • A well-structured business plan is essential for attracting investors and ensuring long-term success.
  • Understanding cash flow is crucial for business sustainability, as many companies fail within the first year due to inadequate financial management.
  • It's important to monitor the number of new and returning customers, as well as address issues such as low employee morale, productivity, financial concerns, and lack of innovation to ensure business success.

Understanding Your Customer Base

  • It's crucial to understand your customer base and cash flow to maintain a healthy business.
  • Constantly spending money to cover monthly expenses, having unanswered emails, low employee morale and productivity, financial concerns, and a lack of innovation can all indicate problems that need to be addressed promptly.

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